In August, the live broadcast class was the first to watch | the code quality actual combat + micro service project practical course registration was in progress


Coding Devops live class in August ~! This coding has brought you two series of live classes, each series contains three courses, step by step, from the shallow to the deep, and strive to bring the most abundant learning content for students in one hour class every night combined with examples.

So let’s take a look at the details of the course and the way to sign up. There are also welfare activities at the end of the article. Don’t miss it——

August live class series 1

Coding Devops code quality live series

Opening time
August 11-13, 19:00-20:00 every night

With the rise of Tob (Enterprise Service) and the maturity of TOC (consumer Internet) products, the loss caused by online failures is becoming more and more serious, and the quality of code is becoming more and more important. Quality built-in is one of the core concepts of Devops. “Coding Devops code quality live series” will explain in detail the best practices to improve code quality, which is not only suitable for new projects, but also provides a perfect progressive scheme for old projects.

course arrangement
Devops code quality battle: code specification and git flow
Devops code quality practice (PHP version)
Devops code quality practice (Java version)

Yang Zhou – Coding preacher, coding Devops architect

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The second series of live class in August

Coding Devops microservice project live series

Opening time
August 18-20, 19:00-20:00 every night

In recent years, the structure of engineering projects is becoming more and more complex, so it is necessary to connect the appropriate continuous integration pipeline form to meet more changing needs. The “coding Devops microservice project actual combat series live class” will discuss with you why Devops is needed in modern development activities, and introduce the advanced ability of continuous integration pipeline through examples, combined with demo In depth explanation of how to carry out gray level publishing in kubernetes cluster, to help everyone liberate repetitive labor, improve production efficiency more elegantly, and deliver results faster.

course arrangement
“Devops micro service project actual combat: Devops initial experience”
Devops microservice project practice: advanced use of Ci
Devops Combat: automated gray scale publishing based on nginx ingress

Wang Kuan – Development Engineer of coding Devops
He Chenzhe – full stack engineer of coding Devops
Wang Wei – back end development engineer of coding Devops

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