In addition to excel, what value can spreadjs table control bring to system development?


Some time ago, Xiaobian communicated with a technical director of the enterprise IT department. In order to adapt to the rapid development of business, the enterprise needs to optimize the original data management mode, get rid of the dependence on third-party application software such as Excel, migrate the data analysis model previously built with a large number of Excel software to the cloud, and retain the functions such as Excel formulas, charts and PivotTables.

However, due to the lack of in-depth study of the underlying logic of Excel, the R & D team has invested a lot of energy to try independent R & D, which is still difficult. Considering the project cost and the risk of possible overdue, after several rounds of technical evaluation, the R & D team of the project finally choseSpreadjs table controlReplaced independent research and development, and completed the project delivery on schedule.

The person in charge said that using the system developed by them, users can complete the design of various excel financial statements and revenue analysis tables online by simply dragging, and establish mapping relationship with the database through the visual interface to realize cell level data binding. At present, the system has been officially put into use and replaces Excel software to provide calculation, data summary and multi-dimensional query services for more than 200 stores and more than 2000 financial personnel under the group.

In addition to excel, what value can spreadjs table control bring to system development?

(spreadjs native has UI and functions highly similar to excel)

In the system development, spreadjs embodies the product advantages of easy use, high performance and high compatibility with Excel

1. The form view developed through the spreadjs component highly restores the functional layout of Excel and provides data binding and user-defined calculation formula interfaces. The system upgrade and maintenance no longer rely too much on the IT department. Business personnel can design, fill in and publish report forms by themselves without special training, You can also directly import the template designed by Excel software into the system for use.

2. The client does not need to install any plug-ins. Users can directly enter data in the browser and verify it in real time; The server only needs to receive formatted JSON data, which can be multi-threaded and asynchronous processing to achieve load balancing. Since most functions are based on the secondary encapsulation of spreadjs, the amount of system code development is greatly reduced.

3. Because spreadjs is highly compatible with Excel, Excel files can be imported and exported online without any background code and third-party components. With this feature, the group has migrated a large number of business analysis and operation models established in Excel to online. By reusing these models, the operation capacity of stores is further improved, including data cleaning and integration according to passenger flow and leasing system, so as to realize customer flow monitoring.

4. Spreadjs highly restores the excel PivotTable, so that the self-developed system also has the excellent data analysis and calculation ability like excel. Through the analysis of the customer portrait of the branch (Finance), it classifies the customer transaction amount and transaction frequency, establishes a VIP customer team, and brings 34 customers with million transactions per month to the company, Directly bring more than 100 million revenue.


It can be seen that the value of “information system development \ + spreadjs” is becoming more and more prominent, and the group’s business is growing.

Why can “information system development \ + spreadjs” give play to these advantages?

Firstly, spreadjs is positioned for high-performance enterprise table technology application development.

Table is one of the important tools in the daily operation and management of enterprises. The IT business of many enterprises starts from a table. The team communication is inseparable from the table. Information sharing needs to rely heavily on the table to store data. The summary and analysis of documents, reports, vouchers and basic data also need to rely on the table to support decision-making.

The information system developed based on spreadjs can help enterprises process data faster and more accurately and greatly improve the efficiency of operation and management, such as:

  • Online document system: multi person collaborative editing based on spreadjs, which can help each department complete the input of the same data table in real time
  • Data reporting system: the API interface of spreadjs can simplify the data binding and verification process, and quickly and accurately handle printing and submission, real-time preview, multi-level submission, etc
  • Form and report system: spreadjs can help enterprises reuse the original Excel files of business system in a low-cost way and build an enterprise excel report platform by using existing resources

Therefore, if you want to fully explore the value of data itself, you must use development tools such as spreadjs to make statistics and analysis more convenient and create a high-quality data business closed loop.

Secondly, spreadjs has the industry-leading excel compatibility.

In addition to excel, what value can spreadjs table control bring to system development?

Nowadays, spreadjs is compatible with more than 450 excel formulas, supports 53 cell formats, 18 conditional formats, 32 charts, 18 minigraphs and 182 shapes, and provides functions such as PivotTable, data filtering, sorting, grouping, annotation and slicer. It can easily embed excel like functional modules in the web system, Realize data analysis and interaction like excel.

Therefore, with the help of spreadjs, the ability of enterprise ad hoc analysis and multi-dimensional data visualization can be continuously improved, so that business personnel can disassemble indicators from a single core indicator and perform in-depth multi-dimensional analysis, drilling and perspective without the help of third-party tools (such as Excel, WPS, etc.).

Spreadjs can effectively combine the data analysis model of Excel, supplemented by data analysis methods such as recursive analysis, peer analysis, trend analysis and comparative analysis, so as to quickly locate the abnormal points of data and provide decision support for business development.

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