In 2021, what are the good ways to realize apps?


I believe many developers feel helpless when they see the word “cash”. The reason is that as app builders, they have spent a lot of effort in the construction of APP architecture, technology research and development, operation and maintenance, and realization is the decisive survival weight for them. Successful realization not only means the continuation of the life cycle of app, but also a glorious moment for developers themselves.

A good method of APP cash flow must be a set of efficient and sustainable benign mechanism, which drives the rapid growth and long-term development of app with commercial value. It can be said that for developers in the early stage of entrepreneurship, finding the right method of cash flow is half the success.

So the question is, how to find a suitable business cash flow model?

1、 Realization method of app

In the domestic application market, there are four mainstream ways to realize app:

1. Provide value added services within the application

This is the most traditional and ideal way in the industry, such as charging for Game App props, charging for video app on demand, and charging for downloading app to give users more advanced privileges. However, this requires that the app has strong user stickiness and value-added services are quite irreplaceable. Otherwise, in the face of payment options, many users will choose to switch to similar products, which will directly cause the loss of users.

2. Product purchase in app

This method can also be called “e-commerce realization”, and its application scope is not limited to e-commerce app. After all, in the face of the booming domestic e-commerce tide, especially driven by the trend of short video + live broadcast, all kinds of apps have tried the water one after another. However, this “beautiful looking” realization method has a high threshold, which requires that the app as the traffic entrance has a large enough user group, and the developers themselves have enough data mining and user portrait analysis ability to complete the personalized product recommendation for users.

3. Application distribution

At present, this kind of cash flow method is the patent of head application market app. As the preferred tool for users to quickly obtain the required app, its cash flow potential is undoubtedly huge. However, it is not very friendly for other types of apps, especially for growing apps.

4. Advertising cash

If the former three cash methods are more suitable for specific types of app, then advertising cash is a way with lower threshold and wider scope of application. After all, where there are users, there is traffic, where there is traffic, there is advertising, where there is advertising, there will be revenue. Moreover, the realization of advertising does not require users to pay for the use of some functions of the app. Almost all free apps with traffic can access advertising.

2、 The pain point of advertising realization

However, there are many developers who talk about advertising color change, which seems to be the most universal and feasible method.For them, the biggest worry is that the placement of ads will affect their user experience, and where to find high-quality advertisers? How to achieve the correct posture of advertising placement in technology, so as to achieve the dynamic balance among users, traffic and revenue?

Next, Xiao Jia will answer these questions one by one

1. Advertising vs user experience

First of all, it needs to be clear that for those users who are interested in advertising and ultimately promote the purchase, advertising will not cause negative experience, but is a valuable information, so that users can use the app to meet their consumption needs, which can kill two birds with one stone.

After breaking this psychological barrier, the remaining problems focus on:How to balance users and revenue, and achieve maximum revenue under the condition of ensuring user experience?To solve this problem, Xiao Jia thinks that we can consider it from two aspects

1) Advertising style:

In recent years, the advertising styles in the industry continue to bring forth new ones, which is rooted in the anxiety and exploration of user experience. Developers can reasonably configure advertising styles according to their own app types, and try to make the advertising styles consistent with the overall style and content style of the application,Strive to integrate the placement of advertising information with the application environment of app.So as to improve the click through rate and conversion rate of advertising while giving consideration to the user experience.

Here, Xiaojia takes incentive video as an example, which is the most valuable and popular advertising style of CPM in the past two years. It is to encourage users to watch ads to get rewards, such as watching ads in game apps to get props rewards, and watching ads in tool apps to get temporary privileges. This form can turn passivity into initiative and increase user stickiness Degree and activity. In addition, developers can also use the user incentive system to develop more incentive video scenes to achieve a win-win situation of user experience and advertising revenue.

In 2021, what are the good ways to realize apps?

2) Advertising management:

In terms of advertising management, Xiaojia thinks that we need to pay special attention to two points:

One is the control of advertising quality.

In order to protect the user experience, developers can make “soft” restrictions, and block out the advertising content that is compliant but produced inferior content and completely inconsistent with their own user attributes.

Second, set up reasonable advertising display space and display frequency.

In the selection of advertising display space, we can “take a quick step” in the early stage, and increase the weight gradually. Developers can select 1-2 advertising spaces for preliminary observation, and expand other advertising spaces according to the effect and user feedback. In terms of location, the location with high traffic and high click volume can be selected at the initial stage to set the buried point and collect more information and data for the next judgment.

In addition, reasonable display frequency is also an important part of maintaining user experience. Too high frequency will not only hurt the user experience, but also pull down CPM. Different users, different advertising types and different products have different optimal display times. It is suggested that app developers find the optimal display times suitable for this product through experiments.

2. Advertising access mode

It solves the problems of advertising cash flow and user experience, so where can we find high-quality advertisers? How to realize the way of advertising access in technology?

The traditional way is to expand advertisers with the power of direct customers, but because the crowd is not accurately divided, there is no guarantee for the effect of advertisers. Of course, after reaching a certain volume and the technical team is strong, we can consider building our own procedural advertising platform. However, due to the huge advertising product system, complex architecture, high investment from zero construction and relatively high risk, developers at different stages can consider carefully according to their own situation.

Access to the third-party platform is a common means of advertising cash, for developers, time and technology costs are relatively low.As the leading video advertising platform in China, pangolin’s mature technology system can help developers avoid spending a lot of manpower and material resources to build the technology platform. At the same time, pangolin provides global app and advertisers with solutions for user growth and cash flow through the industry’s leading video advertising style and recommendation technology, making app more valuable.

Moreover, from the perspective of advertiser resources, our pangolin platform is backed by a huge number of engines, and the advertiser resources are rich. At present, it has more than 8.5W, of which the consumption of head customers accounts for more than 95%, and the customer groups span 117 segments. In addition, developers can also test the product and crowd after positioning, and optimize the advertising display effect in advance, so as to realize the maximization of advertising cash income.

3、 Write at the end

On the road of APP realization, there is no lack of the so-called “shortcut” that can be achieved. However, how to achieve revenue at the same time, to ensure that users get a better experience, not to be disturbed by commercial operations, it is inseparable from the commitment and efforts of developers. Here, Xiaojia is willing to accompany every ideal app developer and realize the glorious road of APP realization as soon as possible.
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In 2021, what are the good ways to realize apps?

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