In 2015, another new favorite of USB flash disk startup disk making tool came, you know


I believe readers who have been exposed to USB flash disk installation technology should know that the first USB flash disk production software should be old peach and Chinese cabbage? From the development process of domestic U-disk startup disk making software, Chinese cabbage and old peach started making U-disk startup disk making software relatively early, and there were relatively few competitors due to the use of software in the early stage. After long-term accumulation, there were certain “peach powder” and “vegetable powder”, which occupied a certain share in the winpe production software market. This article will not introduce the old peach and Chinese cabbage more. This article will focus on the new favorite of the USB flash disk startup disk making tool: USB flash disk, which was born in 2015 and has a strong attack.              

Software name:
U speed U disk startup disk making tool V5 2.4 latest official installation version
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Update time:
2015-12-01Download now


For many people, not many people know about the “u-speed” software, because the software has always been relatively low-key. Before, the software was only provided for internal use by the installation personnel in the computer city, and was not officially and publicly implemented to the majority of user groups. Compared with the traditional U disk startup disk making software, it is simpler than other tools, and the U disk startup disk can be made with one click. And the time is shorter and the speed is faster. Maybe it’s called u-speed! And another point is that u-speed is relatively simple and has strong compatibility. People who have used it, I believe they will feel: u speed, artifact!

As we all know, some traditional USB flash disk startup disk production software will have some unsatisfactory problems more or less, such as too large, complex operation or too professional, long production time, unstable operation of the produced USB flash disk, damage to the service life of the USB flash disk, and the biggest problem is security, which is the most worried problem of the majority of users. The “u-speed” u-start production software is a one click high-speed installation XP, win7 system and win8 system u-start disk production tool (winpe) u-speed officially provided by u-speed. Because u-speed has the characteristics of high speed, safety, stability and strong compatibility, it has been loved by the majority of installers soon after its launch. At present, there are many USB flash disk system tools in computer cities, but what brand is better? Xiaobian released a vote in the major computer city groups! The result of the vote was that u-speed soon became a new favorite and was rated as the top three of the best U-disk installation system tools in 2015 by major computer cities and installation personnel. So what are the advantages of “u-speed”?


U-speed features seven most:

1. The most concise: without any cumbersome steps, one click production, the production process is simple and fast, and it is the best choice for computer novices!

2. Safest: refuse the invasion of virus and take precautions. The u-speed boot disk adopts write protection technology to completely cut off the transmission of virus through the U-disk.

3. Fastest: support the production of all USB flash drives, with up to 80000 times of reading and writing, which can be completed in 5 minutes.

4. Most compatible: users can freely replace and compatible with various operating systems, and support ghost and original system installation, which is convenient, fast and automatic.

5. Most convenient: usually, when the USB flash disk is used, it is the repair disk when needed. There is no need for an optical drive, so it is easy to carry. Computer emergency, the most awesome helper!

6. The most stable: refuse the blue screen, black screen and software crash problems, stable and efficient, which is necessary for the installation personnel in major computer cities and computer alliances!

7. Most intimate: the tool adds a hotkey query, which allows you to query the brand and BIOS settings of the assembled motherboard in time, and press the one click Start shortcut key

About the new favorite“U extreme speed”That’s all for your introduction. Do you think the software is very angry? Well, having said so much, Xiaobian’s opinions can only represent those who have used the software. I want to know whether Xiaobian’s new favorite is really so arrogant. Very simple, Baidu search u speed to the official website to download to play, you know Xiaobian is not a bad person.