Improve the current data status in the block chain field to a certain extent


Most defi applications rely on data to execute smart contracts. DAPP must meet specific data formats or can only use data on the native blockchain. If you can’t connect external data and resources, most defi apps won’t work. Adaoracle Oracle Oracle can connect smart contracts to data and systems outside the original blockchain (i.e. under the chain), reformat external connection points (i.e. APIs), and ensure that these two different software are compatible when exchanging data.

As a cross chain application, adaoracle can connect resources under the chain, realize data credibility, reliability and customization, reduce data and computing costs, provide comprehensive tools and data for intelligent contract developers on the chain, and provide a safer and more convenient overall solution for Oracle. The blockchain system can realize the interactive needs of world data. Through the multi link operation ecology of Adam and the Adam ecological token Adam, the flow of information data and tokens on and off the chain can be realized, and the current data status in the blockchain field can be improved to a certain extent.

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