import-maps & Deno


On trialDenoIt’s hard to maintain the dependency according to the original import method. Query relevant articles and make recommendations separatelydeps.tsFiles to maintain, of course, there are many plug-ins to supportNodeOr something like thatNodeMaintenance plan.
Another interesting standard scheme is mentioned in the manual on the official websiteimport-mapsAnd this scheme is already in useChrome89Supported in.
import-maps & Deno


The proposal expandsimportMechanism, use<script type="importmap"></script>Label, configurableimportInformation.

<script type="importmap">
  "imports": {
    "/app/helper": "node_modules/helper/index.mjs",
    "lodash": "/node_modules/lodash-es/lodash.js"

So you can use it directly on the web pageimport lodash from "lodash";The syntax is directly introduced into the module, and the browser will automatically parse it intoimport lodash from "/node_modules/lodash-es/lodash.js";

You can also use<script>labelsrcProperty to introduce

<script type="importmap"></script>

For details, you can see the relevant materials at the bottom of the article.

Deno import-maps

import-mapsResources can be maintained together,DenoYou can use this approach to manage dependencies. Just build oneimport-mapsMaintain files and bring parameters when starting--import-map=<FILE>It can be opened.

Examples of official website manuals:

Build aimport_map.jsonFile where dependency information is written

   "imports": {
      "fmt/": "[email protected]/fmt/"


import { red } from "fmt/colors.ts";

console.log(red("hello world"));


deno run --import-map=import_map.json color.ts

You can also configure root path access or alias of other paths in this way

  "imports": {
    "/": "./",
    "./": "./",
    "@": "./"


Of course, manual addition and deletion are still troublesome after all, and some people in the community have already provided relevant toolsTrex


denoVersion must be greater than or equal to1.10.2

deno install -A --unstable --import-map= -n trex --no-check

Installation dependency

trex i --map fs http fmt

--mapParameters are install

Add dependencies for custom resources

trex --custom React=

Delete dependency

trex delete React

Of course, runtime dependencies need to beimport-mapsIncoming configuration file for startup.

thereforeTrexSimilar services are providedNPM ScriptYou just need to addrun.jsonFile where the relevant configuration is written

  "scripts": {
    "start": "trex exec --perms env,read,write,net denon run ./app.ts",
    "dev": "denon run ./app.ts",
    "build": "aleph build"

usetrex run startCan be started, where--perms env,read,write,netyesTrexThe shortcut writing method of the provided permission, andrunParameter transfer is also supported during execution. For details, please refer to relevant documents.

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