Import excel into ArcGIS? Skills of inserting Excel data by ArcGIS


How to insert excel in ArcGIS drawing project? We insert it in two ways,One is to copy directly, and the other is to insert with the Insert menu, let’s take a look at the detailed operation process.

Software name:
ArcGIS desktop 10.7 perfect Chinese Special Edition (with activation patch + Chinese package + installation tutorial)
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2020-07-22Download now

First, start ArcMap software and open the project file;

Method 1:

Open the excel table, select the table area to insert,Copy and paste into ArcMap project;

Adjust the size and displayed border according to the position where the table is placed in the drawing layout;

Method 2:

Click menu[insert] – object】,Select the table data to insert, click OK;

The excel table is inserted, the position and size can be adjusted, and the values in the table can be modified.

matters needing attention:

Method 2: you can modify the data in the table. After saving, it will be automatically updated in ArcGIS!

The above is the skills of ArcGIS to insert Excel data. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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