Implementing Code of Modifying Directory Name and Shortcut Name by Vbs


Copy codeThe code is as follows:
set fso=wscript.createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)

OldFolderName1=”263 Enterprise Messenger”
newFolderName1=”Peacemap Messenger”
OldFileName1 = “263 Enterprise Messenger.lnk”
newFileName1 = “Peacemap Messenger.lnk”
OldFileName2 = Unload 263 Enterprise Messenger. lnk
NewFileName2 = Unload Peacemap Messenger. lnk

Original path= “C: Documents and Settings All Users Start menu Program”
New path= “C: Documents and Settings All Users Start menu Program Peacemap Messenger”
Deskpath= “C: Documents and Settings All Users Desktop”

if (fso.folderexists(originalpath & “\” & OldFolderName1)) then
  Set fsoGetFolder = fso.GetFolder(originalpath & “\” & OldFolderName1)
  fsoGetFolder.Name = newFolderName1
end if

if fso.fileexists(newpath&”\”&OldFileName1 ) then
 set f=fso.getfile(newpath&”\”&OldFileName1)
end if

if fso.fileexists(newpath&”\”&OldFileName2 ) then
 set f=fso.getfile(newpath&”\”&OldFileName2)
end if

if fso.fileexists(deskpath&”\”&OldFileName1 ) then
 set f=fso.getfile(deskpath&”\”&OldFileName1)
end if

Msgbox “Complete!”

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