Implementation of uploading to code cloud branch using Git


1. Development environment Vue + element

2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition

3. In the process of development, we always use git management code! The usage is as follows:

4. Log in to your code cloud account:

5. Create a new folder on your computer:

6. Double click to enter this folder, right-click to select git bash here, and then enter the following command:


git init


git clone -b kun
//Note: This Kun is my branch name

6-3: close the operation command window, and then find the path 307 of the clone download file. You will find that there is a file lucky under 307. Enter this folder, and you will see:

//Structure on the contrast code cloud:

//You will find the same, which means that we have downloaded successfully now!

7. After modifying the corresponding code

8. Enter lucky file, right-click to select git bash here, and enter the command:

8-1: git pull
8-2:git add .
8-3: git commit – M “submitted comment”
8-4:git push
8-5: overall screenshot:

9. Refresh the code cloud, and you will see the corresponding submission information!


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