Implementation of shell forward parsing script


Forward parsing script

Yum install bind - Y // install parsing Toolkit
//Modify master profile

sed -i '13s/' /etc/ named.conf  //Change the IP address on line 13 of the main configuration file to
sed -i '21s/localhost/any/' /etc/ named.conf   //Change the 21 line localhost to any in the main configuration file
//Add content to zone profile

sed -i '24azone "" IN {\n type master;\n file "";\n allow-update { none; };\n };' /etc/named.rfc1912.zones
//Add domain name after line 24 of regional configuration file
cd /var/named  
cp -p  named.localhost   //Copy the template to our own data area profile
//Configure data area profile

sed -i '2s/@/' 
sed -i '2s/rname.invalid./'
sed -i '8s/@/'
sed -i '9s/'
sed -i '10aIN MX 10\nwww IN A\nftp IN A'
systemctl stop  firewalld.service  //Turn off the firewall
Setenforce 0 // turn off enhancements
Systemctl start named // start the resolution service
echo "nameserver" >/etc/ resolv.conf  //Add your IP address to the resolution profile

Finally, just enter hosts You can resolve the address

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