Implementation of returning data using Django’s jsonresponse


  1. from django.conf.urls import url
  2. from . import views
  4. urlpatterns = [
  5. url(r’^show/’, views.show_view, name=’show’)
  6. ]

Create show in views.py_ View function

  1. from django.http import HttpResponse
  2. from django.shortcuts import render
  3. from .models import *
  4. from django.core.paginator import Paginator, PageNotAnInteger, EmptyPage
  5. from django.http import JsonResponse
  6. def show_view(request):
  7. #Gets the current number of page numbers
  8. num = request.GET.get(‘num’, 1)
  9. n = int(num)
  10. #1. Query stu_ All data in the student table
  11. Stus = student. Objects. All() # get all
  12. #Django paging
  13. pager = Paginator(stus, 2)
  14. #Get the data of the current page
  15. try:
  16. stuss = Student.objects.all().values()
  17. students = list(stuss)
  18. return JsonResponse({‘code’: 200, ‘data’: students})
  19. perpage_data =
  20. #Returns the data of the first page
  21. except PageNotAnInteger:
  22. perpage_data =
  23. #Returns the data of the last page
  24. except EmptyPage:
  25. perpage_data =
  26. return render(request, ‘show.html’, {‘show’: stus, ‘pager’: pager, ‘perpage_data’: perpage_data})

Implementation of returning data using Django's jsonresponse

Implementation of returning data using Django's jsonresponse

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