Implementation of remote development and debugging of vscade remote development


brief introduction

To me

Modify and debug the server code directly. Of course, you can install plug-ins, including code completion. It’s the same experience as using local vscode.

Directly edit, modify the server’s file, use the code filename. OK

to configure

Server installationssh-server

They usually bring their own. proposal

usessh localhostCommand to generate the. SSH directory.

Easy to configure key login, instead of cumbersome password login.


Install the plug-in, remote development


Install plug-in, remote SSH


to configure

Be sure to modify the default configuration file. My answer is: D:\ zk.ssh \config

Because the default is: C disk. SSH under the config file, will conflict with the shell, of course, there is a solution, but it is very troublesome. So take this approach.


Password free login


1. make the. SSH directory under the root directory of the server to store the relevant SSH information. If not, it will be
ssh localhost

Then there is the directory.

2. install openssh on windows. Do you have a look? Try running SSH in power shell.

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1In the client, the private key and public key are generated in the. SSH folder of the user directory~

ssh-keygen -t rsa

2. put ID_ rsa_ Pub to the / root /. SSH folder of the server~

scp /path/filename [username]@[ip address]:/path

Example:scp [email protected]:/root/.ssh

Of course, you can also pull to the server.

3. on the server, set the ID_ rsa_ Pub to authorized_ Keys and set the permission to 600

mv authorized_keys
chmod 600 authorized_keys


Using Ctrl Shift + P, enterremote-ssh


The first is what I’ve built~

choiceadd new ssh hostperhapsconfigure ssh hosts All right.


clickconfigure ssh hostsAfter that, select the new folder you created, which is the new configuration file you configured at the beginning. Of course, you can see it~

Alias custom host
 Hostname IP address
 User root

Right click to connect~


The finished product looks like this~


Let’s end free play~
Free to edit server, install files, etc~



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