Implementation of python3 interpreter


On linux/unix systems, the general default Python version is 2.x. we can install python3.x in /usr/local/python3 directory.

After installation, we can add the path /usr/local/python3/bin to the environment variable of your linux/unix operating system, so that you can start python3 by entering the following command through the shell terminal.

$path=$path:/usr/local/python3/bin/python3 \set environment variables
$ python3 --version
Python 3.4.0

In the window system, you can set Python environment variables through the following commands, assuming that your Python is installed under c:\python34:

set path=%path%;C:\python34

interactive programming

We can start the Python interpreter by entering the “Python” command at the command prompt:

$ python3

After executing the above command, the following window information appears:

$ python3
Python 3.4.0 (default, Apr 11 2014, 13:05:11) 
[GCC 4.8.2] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

Enter the following statement in the python prompt, and then press enter to check the running effect:

print ("Hello, Python!");

The execution results of the above commands are as follows:

Hello, Python!

When typing a multiline structure, a continuation line is required. We can see the following if statement:

>>> flag = True
>>> if flag :
... print ("flag condition is true!")
Flag condition is true!

Scripted programming

Copy the following code into the file:

print ("Hello, Python!");

Execute the script with the following command:


The output result is:

Hello, Python!

In linux/unix systems, you can add the following commands at the top of the script so that Python scripts can be executed directly like shell scripts:

#! /usr/bin/env python3

Then modify the script permission so that it has execution permission. The command is as follows:

$ chmod +x

Execute the following command:


The output result is:

Hello, Python!

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