Implementation of MFC program created by vs2019


Foreword: this blog is just because I am taking the course of computer graphics, so I can’t guarantee the correctness of the content. Please think twice before you watch it

Installing MFC development environment for vs2019

Open the visual studio installer (just find it in the computer application, and it is necessary to install vs2019), get the following interface, and click Modify (if you are prompted that you need to update vs, you can only update vs before you have the modification option)

Find the desktop development option using C + +, you can find the MFC component as shown in the figure and install it

Installation complete….

Create MFC Application

1. Open vs, click create new project, get the figure below, and select MFC application (if you can’t find it, you can search directly like me, if you can’t find it, you can’t install MFC environment)

2. I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce this step. Just name it and select a storage location

3. Then select the application type, and the project style can be changed to MFC standard application type

Single doument – single document application
Multiple documents – multiple documents application
Dialog based – dialog based applications

The difference between single document application interface and multi document application interface

Single document interface (SDI) applications: only one window
Multiple document interface (MDI) applications: multiple child windows

4. Then the document template model, user interface function, advanced function and generated class can be directly defaulted. Of course, if you are obsessive-compulsive, you can change the class name in the generated class. Here, I don’t need to map(Mainly lazy screenshots)Then click finish and your app is created

Is it easier to create vs2019 than VC + + 6.0? In fact, it’s the same, and the options are basically the same. It’s just because the pictures in VC + + 6.0 are all ppt’s by teachers, and this one is all my own screenshots, so I’m certainly too lazy to cut many pictures

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