Imitation Iraqi dating app Van Gogh dating source code one-on-one dating matchmaker online video dating


Imitation Iraqi dating app Van Gogh dating source code one-on-one dating matchmaker online video dating
There are two types of social products:

1. Distribute information based on social relationship chain, including VX, SNS (microblog, Facebook), social media (Tiktok, Kwai, xiaohongshu)

2. Social matching market based on certain needs, such as stranger social networking for dating (exploration) and professional social networking for recruitment (pulse)

The former pursues the density and strength of the relationship chain and pays attention to the efficiency of information distribution; The latter pursues the efficiency of transaction / matching.
Imitation Iraqi app development language for dating

1. Background: PHP language Framework: ThinkPHP

2. System: Linux database: MySQL

3. Android side language: Java IOS side language: OC

4. App front-end native development, no framework

Development features and application scenarios of imitation Iraq’s dating system for Van Gogh

1. Development features: live studio online blind date, matchmaker online video matchmaking, voice chat, making friends, community dynamics, city activities, blind date dynamics, a variety of gifts, playing in the live studio.

2. Matchmaker System: apply to become matchmaker, you can open the live broadcast permission, and realize multi person wheat connection and online blind date.

3. The imitation Iraq to Van Gogh dating system can be applied to different application scenarios, such as making friends in the same city, online dating in the live studio, voice chat and making friends, game accompaniment and so on.
Matchmaking increases the success rate of pairing between the two sides in the live broadcast room; Match up with matchmakers and round the scene to prevent the embarrassing scene of men and women having no words on a blind date, help boys who are not good at chatting express their love and successfully move the offline traditional blind date logic to the online.

Welcome to continue to pay attention to my article. Let’s look forward to the development prospect of video dating system

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