Image training method


Some people can keep calm in the face of unprepared emergencies. This is not a talent. No one is born with the ability to adapt. It’s all trained.

There is a method that has been used in all walks of life, and people with all kinds of personalities can get promotion from it, which is called intention training method.

As the name suggests, intention training method does not rely on limbs, but on the brain to do continuous practice.

Imagine that now you have a yellow lemon in your left hand, a fruit knife in your right hand, and a clean cutting board in front of you.

Imagine that this lemon is the size of a duck’s egg. You can hold it in one hand. Put the lemon on the chopping board and slice it with a fruit knife in your right hand. It doesn’t need to be too thick. 5mm is enough. You should be able to see the lemon juice cut out and flow to your hand. You should also hear the sound of fruit knife cutting lemon.

How do you feel now? What’s in your mouth? At this time, if lemon juice is sprayed into your eyes, imagine how it feels?

Okay, stop!

How did you feel in the process just now?

You might say, isn’t this Cao Cao’s hope for plum to quench thirst?

Yes, this is the advanced version.

Recall that the above training includes five sensory experiences: touch, hearing, smell, vision and taste. This is the method of training.

The intention training method is to let the brain enter the state, fully simulate the details of specific scenes through imagination, and make people’s five senses experience in advance, which is more comfortable in formal action.

Intention training is applicable to all scenarios, especially exams, reports and weight loss.

When training, you must focus on simulating all small details. The more detailed the simulation is, the more effective it will be.