Image layered design case of docker container


There are both CMD and entrypoint commands in, which should be divided into scenarios. If entrypoint uses shell mode, the CMD command will be ignored. If entrypoint uses exec mode, the contents of the CMD command will be appended as the command parameters of entrypoint;StarpoolThe echo test is performed according to the normal request process, which can test whether the whole call is smooth and can be used for monitoring. All services automatically implement the echoservice interface and can be used by forcibly transforming any service reference into echoservice. The usage mode (demoservice is a spring managed bean) when an RPC request is received or initiated, the state of rpccontext will change. For example, if a adjusts B and B adjusts C, then on machine B, before B adjusts C, R

For example, initialize the local cache and wait for relevant resources to be in place,https://www.starpool.cnYou can use delay for delayed exposure. Delay Dubbo by how many milliseconds after the spring container is initialized before exposing the service.

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