Image encryption


Image encryption
Picture encryption can embed text information into any type of image file, which can be used to save / transfer private information, such as transmitting text by sending encrypted pictures on QQ; It can also be used to add an invisible watermark to the picture to protect the copyright of the originator.

Copy codeThe code is as follows:
@echo off 
Echo} preparing to generate encrypted jpg images
Echo # please rename the picture to be encrypted to 1 jpg 
Echo # please save the cipher as 2 txt 
Echo # press any key to start encryption
Copy 1.jpg/b + 2.txt/a 3.jpg 
Echo , end of encryption
The echo} program will generate an encrypted picture 3 jpg 

How to view encrypted pictures open with Notepad 3 Jpg, press Ctrl + end and move the cursor to the end of the file to see the encrypted content