Igor sysoev, founder of nginx, quit F5! The “brief history” of 20 years of development is respectful


On January 18, the high-performance HTTP server nginx officially released an article entitled “do svitaniya, Igor, and thank you for nginx”, officially announcing that Igor sysoev, the founder of nginx, quit nginx and F5.

Igor sysoev, founder of nginx, quit F5! The

It is understood that nginx Inc. was acquired by F5 networks at a price of US $670 million in March 2019. At present, nginx belongs to a business department of F5 and is mainly committed to open source projects and multi cloud commercial products. As one of the co founders of nginx, Igor’s departure also hopes to spend more time taking care of family and personal projects.

Igor sysoev, founder of nginx, quit F5! The

In this official article of nginx, they expressed their gratitude for Igor’s contribution to the nginx community:

“With profound appreciation and gratitude, we announce today that Igor Sysoev – author of NGINX and co‑founder of NGINX, Inc. – has chosen to step back from NGINX and F5 in order to spend more time with his friends and family and to pursue personal projects.”


At the same time, the paper also describes the growth of Igor and how to develop and establish nginx, which also gives us a deeper understanding of the “brief history” of the development of Igor and nginx in the past 20 years. At the same time, it also respects the achievements made by Igor and nginx so far.

“A brief history” of the birth of gifted developers Igor and nginx

Igor was born in a military family in Kazakhstan, the former Soviet Union. When he was one year old, his family moved to the capital Almaty. Igor was fascinated by computers since childhood, and there was no Internet at that time.

In the mid-1980s, Igor, a high school student, wrote his first line of code on Yamaha MSX.

In the following years, Igor graduated from the well-known Bauman Moscow State Technical University and received a degree in computer science. At this time, the early form of the Internet is taking shape.

Igor sysoev, founder of nginx, quit F5! The

In those days after graduation, Igor began to work as a system administrator while continuing to write code. In 1999, Igor finally released its first assembly language program – AV antivirus anti-virus program, which can resist the 10 most common computer viruses at that time.

Later, Igor also shared the binary files of the program for free. Later, the program has been widely used in the country at that time for several years.

In 2001, Igor sysoev found a problem in his work: the way the original Apache HTTP server handled connections could not keep up with the increasing number of requests (this challenge was called C10K problem at that time – handling 10000 concurrent client connections to clients), which attracted his attention and began to study the prototype of nginx.

In the spring of 2002, Igor sysoev began to develop nginx. In July 2011, Igor sysoev and maxim Konovalov jointly established nginx Inc. to provide commercial products and support for the software.

After several Russian and foreign companies began to use nginx, Igor officially disclosed the license of the project on October 4, 2004.

For the next seven years, Igor was the only developer of nginx code. During this period, he wrote 100000 lines of code, developed nginx from web server and reverse proxy to a benchmark in the field of web applications and services, and added key functions for load balancing, caching, security and content acceleration.

Since 2012, Igor has stopped doing routine coding work and started major work related to code base, including Maxim dunin, Valentin bartenov and Roman harutyunyan.

Without Igor spending any time on publicity, the nginx project still quickly gained a huge market share. Even if a manual is lost, nginx can still work normally and spread information. Many advantages have attracted more and more developers and system administrators.

Inspired by UNIX and other classic distributed systems, the event driven architecture developed by Igor is still the core of nginx by virtue of its lightweight, scalable and powerful advantages. Today, nginx provides a powerful driving force for hundreds of millions of websites.

In 2021, according to w3techs data, nginx’s global web server market share has reached 33%, while Apache ranks second with 31%.

Excellent creators win high respect from nginx community

I remember a video circulated on the Internet before. In the video, Igor attended a conference and made a speech. When he just said “Hello, I’m Igor sysoev, the founder of nginx”, the audience had burst into applause for a long time. In this situation, Igor cried and laughed and said, “big guys, you haven’t started listening to my speech.”

Igor sysoev, founder of nginx, quit F5! The

It can be seen that Igor has won high respect from community and developers, enterprise customers and nginx engineers, which once again confirms his humility, curiosity and leadership in making excellent software.

As the official message of nginx to Igor: “today we parted ways, and Igor finally received the rest we deserve. Fortunately, his spirit and the culture he created will last forever. “

We also believe that Igor’s achievements from the past to the present and his contribution to today’s Internet do not need more praise. His influence is self-evident. Pay tribute to him!

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