If you write your resume like this, HR will see you at a glance


Recently, many students reflect that they don’t know how to write a resume. The resume that they have worked hard to write has fallen into the sea. So I’ve sorted out this note to talk about some of my views and experiences, hoping to help you.

I will comb you from three aspects

  1. Why write a resume? The significance and value of a qualified resume

  2. What qualities should a highly valued resume possess

  3. Give you some of my own suggestions and to avoid the pit

The meaning of resume

The strongest resume in history is probably the interview of the father of Python. There is only one sentence on the resume: “I write Python!”.

For the time being, let’s not talk about such a God. Let’s just say that the influence of such an industry leader as Xuan Jie is a household name in the circle, and his influence is a natural business card. But this kind of person is a minority after all, ordinary people really can’t do it, so it’s necessary to be responsible, careful and make a personal business card carefully.

Because the general HR or technical manager is the first time to contact you from reading your resume, so the quality of your resume directly determines his first impression of you and whether you will have an interview in the future.

In short: a resume is a business card of personal ability and a stepping stone to an interview

The characteristics of a good resume

When a resume is finally selected, it generally needs to go through the basic information filtering of the resume, the preliminary screening of the project experience, and the strict screening of the Department Manager.

01 / hardware conditions

  • Education background: school enrollment is definitely the best of the best, and other aspects of social enrollment can be appropriately relaxed.

  • Experience of large factories: large factories are relatively mature in all aspects. If they are recognized by large factories, their level will not be too low in general.

  • Team management experience: responsible for 20 people + team & Performance & Contribution & responsibility = > with team experience is better

  • Project industry experience: experience in e-commerce and finance is preferred (focusing on project complexity and gold content); admission will be given priority under the same situation in the same industry; of course, industry experts are more popular

  • Professional skills: examining comprehensive quality

  • Professional and technical ability: if you have nothing to do, go to boss direct employment and other recruitment websites to see what the latest industry mainstream skills need, which should be supplemented and improved. Outside companies don’t let go of the interview because you’ve been using in-house skills for a long time. Continuous learning is also one of the necessary basic skills for programmers.

  • Soft skills: management ability, communication ability, teamwork ability.

  • Foreign language: foreign enterprises also require foreign language ability.

02 / growth potential

1. Strong learning ability

Positive attitude, owner consciousness, do not consider the boundary, good health, continuous output, can work overtime can bear hardships. But you can’t do manual work all the time. Groups of young fresh graduates can stay up for three nights in a row. Can you do 30 +? Will you die suddenly, and then others will beat your child, afraid?

2. Deep thinking

If you have some unique and forward-looking views on the industry trend, if you are an interviewer, you will feel very different. Deep thinking has great potential and is worth cultivating.

3. Continuous improvement

Professional development promotion, if you stay at a level for too long and have not been promoted, HR will think that you are not competent and will reduce your points in terms of growth potential. So at this time, you should also think about the reasons why you haven’t been promoted for a long time

>Is it that the manager’s personnel adjustment and project adjustment are too frequent, resulting in no continuous content output and no promotion? =>What can you change? How much does it affect you? If you can continue to improve and make achievements, it’s only a matter of time

>Or is it really that I don’t have high requirements, and I just curd doesn’t make any contribution every day? = > reflect and adjust my status in time, make new efforts to make performance contribution and get promotion. Or talk to the leader about whether you can do something more challenging for the adjustment (after all, 1 year and 10 years of curd is not helpful for your growth)

>Or you are not reused in the team and your ability can not be exerted. If so, do you want to consider changing the environment?

03 / match degree

1. Job hopping frequency & continuity

In this regard, I consulted HR colleagues from some large factories. When they screened their resumes, they did consider the frequency and stability of job hopping of candidates.

It’s better not to change jobs too often: twice a year, five times in three years. Before you can adapt to the new environment, you will change your job. How can you talk about your contribution and performance. Stability will be questioned. If you are like this, you’d better think of the right reason.

Of course, it’s best to choose an industry line that you like, suits you and has a bright future. Job hopping has continuity, and it will continue to work in this industry and gradually become an industry expert. This is also quite good.

2. Taste, team culture matching degree

This point is highly valued by some of Ali’s large factories. Basically, 4-5 noodles and HR noodles are used to check whether you are in line with the taste and their values.

In these dimensions, we may not have an advantage in some conditions, but most of them are acquired through our efforts the day after tomorrow. We should be good at summarizing and exploring our own highlights.

How to write a resume

“If you put in your resume, there will be no more news. It’s like putting in a bottomless pit, even no reply!”

“Usually you think your ability is not as good as your classmates, but you were told to go to the interview and got the offer smoothly.”

You may doubt yourself for two reasons

1. Your ability is OK, but your resume doesn’t fully reflect your ability

2. Your project experience does not match the experience or skills required for the position

We mainly discuss the first one today. Our ability is OK, but the expression of resume is weak. How can we do it?

01 / basic principles

Core principle: what abilities and values should I embody?

Transposition thinking: what kind of person is needed for this position? What skills & abilities should be possessed?

Resume Customization: for important positions in large factories, it is suggested to adjust the resume customization slightly to increase the JD matching degree between resume and position.

Easy to understand: write a resume must be concise, say white, to let HR can understand.

For example, the technical manager will tell HR that I need candidates who understand microservice, DDD, etc. HR screening resumes are basically screened through keyword tags. Therefore, the key words that reflect the key points and highlights are very important.

Be concise: avoid long speeches

I’ve seen many students’ resumes before, describing their project experience, writing hundreds of words for each project, and the implementation details will be written in.

Don’t do this. First of all, no one really looks at it. When HR sees so many words, its first reaction is annoyance. I can’t go on. She is not from a technical background, and she doesn’t have so much time and patience to finish it. 30s after reading your resume, if you can’t grasp the key points and highlights, you will be screened out.

02 / hard power display

**1. Professional skills**

Professional skills don’t need to be mastered, familiar, skillful and clear. The interviewer will cross examine you according to your resume. Don’t dig holes for yourself.

2. Project experience

Be sure to write well and summarize concisely. Project description must be able to reflect self-worth and ability, and highlight the key points and highlights. It makes people feel that you are the person I am looking for at a glance. That’s OK.


1. Project introduction, including background, significance and value. (reflecting complexity and project value)

2. Take responsibility in the project, lead the team to fight bravely, and use what methods to make breakthrough progress. (reflect personal ability)

3. Project achievements, what achievements will the project achieve under your leadership (speak with result data)

This not only reflects the value of the project, your own ability, but also achieved good results in the end. It’s the most solid and powerful way to talk with the result data.

Note: the starting time of the project experience must not be written wrong, otherwise the company system may judge you as a fake resume, especially the deviation of several months. The follow-up is very troublesome.

3. Self evaluation

True and simple, positive, positive energy, don’t brag.

4. Hobbies

It can shorten the distance with the interviewer team. For example, people in the team like to play pesticides, and you play well. It’s also very important whether you can quickly integrate into the group.

5. Other advantages

Continuous learning ability, summary ability (GitHub, blog, short book address), Awards & patents, participation in open source projects, patents, etc. are all your highlights


1. Try to choose extrapolation

Avoid the resume screening process. Acquaintances are better. After all, they know each other better.

2. Honesty first

Don’t fake your resume. It’s easy to reveal your education background, project experience and salary package. It’s easy to cancel the offer. Big companies have a blacklist of honesty, and they can’t get in after they hit it.

All the interviewers who have a little level. Talk about the project experience with you. If you don’t do all the projects, simply ask three-tier students who are not logical enough and have not enough technical ability, it’s hard to justify themselves. There will be problems with the logicality. Basically, you will be exposed and beaten.

Honesty is the first in life and work. Don’t play with fire.

3. Properly packaged resume

Resume can be properly packaged, human nature, but do not exaggerate the objective facts.

For example: originally you did the project with two classmates. You say that if you lead 20 people to work together, there will be a back tone when you enter the company.

You have to be hard to forge iron. You have to rely on your strength to fight for what you deserve, not on boasting. You will feel insecure about what you get in this way. Simple and reliable.

4. Know yourself and your enemy

Understand the position in advance, be responsible for yourself, and do the basic quality that a professional should have for the company: respect

5. Common sense

Finally, read through the resume, check it three times, check it three times

  • The content of the resume should be controlled within 2 pages

  • Microsoft YaHei font, font size and typesetting format should be unified

  • Don’t have typos. Typos are a subtraction item. You must check them several times in the end

  • Use PDF format to avoid tampering with resume

Pay attention, don’t get lost

OK, everyone, the above is the whole content of this article, you can see the people here, they are allpersonnel。 As I said before, there are many technical points in PHP, but also because there are too many. We can’t write them down, and we won’t see too much when we write them down. So I’ve organized them into PDF and documents here, if necessary

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