If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?


Every street, everyone’s mouth, meet the first sentence, is: “thousands of roads, safety first, driving is not standardized, two lines of family tears.”.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

After the Spring Festival, in a blink of an eye, “wandering earth”, which was not very popular at the beginning, quietly stood out and transformed into “flow earth”?

It has to be said that the movie from the plot, special effects to soundtrack actors are almost all online, and word-of-mouth has been rising. But there are some details, I always feel very unconvinced after reading them! For example: a good Hangzhou City, a lens did not appear, a group of people risked their lives to save for a long time, but suddenly said no, it was gone?!!!

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

I almost cried out when I saw this place! As a result, I have no knowledge of astronomy, so I have to stay up all night to look up all kinds of data and traverse Chinese and foreign ancient books. Finally, in an article, I found the deep answer: with the geological conditions of Hangzhou, it is impossible to build any planetary engine! Moreover, the project of wandering the earth sounds so romantic that we don’t want to admit that it is almost impossible

But today, I want to put aside those unscientific parts in wandering the earth and introduce them to you in different scenes. Maybe you don’t care much about how our work will continue in a scientific and effective way at that time?

From the original orbit of the earth to the distant neighbor star, according to the novel, this is a 2500 year long grand plan that needs 100 generations to complete. In this plan, the first thing is to have a strong coalition government.

As the organizer of a grand plan, the United Government must have unswerving goals, accurate data collection and processing ability, accurate modeling and analysis ability, rational decision-making ability based on data, strong organization and mobilization ability and correct moral values. As a part of basic capabilities, powerful, accurate and robust data infrastructure is a priority project for the coalition government as the supreme ruler to effectively promote the global grand plan.

However, from now on, we don’t have much time to prepare for a 2500 year plan. What should we do?

I heard that we only used one picture to move the coalition government! Don’t say much, above! :

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

From this figure, we can see that data in the middle platform is a set of mechanisms for data use. We provide a complete solution from strategic positioning, organizational support to one-stop tools, and provide a data link closed-loop from business data accumulation, data in the middle platform to data application scenarios to data return, so as to build a core link infrastructure for data supporting business decisions.

Therefore, if the coalition government wants to mobilize the masses, unify the thoughts of 3.5 billion people, and coordinate mankind to accomplish an unprecedented feat, it is useless to rely on a group of stupid human beings for democracy alone (in fact, the original novel has a saying: it is an extravagant demand to always be rational. In the later period of the novel, the outbreak of populism, the collective irrationality of the noble coalition government lead to the collapse of the whole Data must be used to support the overall plan of scientific decision-making!

The following will briefly reveal the secret behind the system:

“Wandering earth” plan announced

In 2030, the “wandering earth” plan will be announced to the world. At that time, the coalition government began to prepare various plans and specifications for the construction of planetary engines and underground cities.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

At the same time, the construction of data center and Taiwan of the United Government is also carried out synchronously, which is to build the data infrastructure for the data management and operation of the United Government. And through the construction of the data middle platform, we can realize a comprehensive data asset process of people, resources and civilization on the earth, which is mainly reflected in the following two main aspects:

Comprehensive data of earth civilization: with the help of the multi-source data synchronous collection ability of the data center, massive and rich types of earth civilization data are collected, stored and backed up. To preserve civilization. Even if the earth wanders, data will follow, so will civilization.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

Provide data decision support for coalition governmentThe data of people, resources, equipment and all kinds of geographic and climatic information collected from wandering earth are collected, cleaned and processed, and these objects are modeled with the help of OLP (object link property) modeling method to build a data asset system for all relevant objects on earth. At the same time, with the help of the data service ability of the data center, it provides data support for the construction and management of the coalition government in this stage.

In 2034, the northern hemisphere began to build planetary engines and underground cities in succession. In this process, the data services provided by the data center station play an important role in many scenarios such as engine location planning, construction resource allocation, personnel management, construction progress monitoring, environmental monitoring and early warning. The built planetary engine has also established a complete data file, which provides a complete data base for future maintenance and emergency treatment.

Stage 1: braking Era

From 2039 to 2065, the planetary engine will work in an all-round way to help the earth to complete its stall. At this time, the underground city accepted all the winning citizens, put them into normal use, and the ground supply station continued to be built.

At this stage, we have made a comprehensive data and asset of: 1. People entering the underground city – ordinary citizens, ordinary staff (drivers, supply station staff), ground rescue personnel, operation and maintenance experts of planetary engine, etc.; 2. Things – underground city, supply station, planetary engine, all kinds of vehicles, etc. through the data center, so as to carry out Effective management.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?
If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

In addition, the data center also plays an important role in monitoring the real-time running state of planetary engine, engine fuel exploitation and transportation plan and monitoring, which provides powerful data support for successfully completing the earth brake work.

Stage 2: Escape Era

On February 19, 2075, the brake was successfully applied, and the earth officially began its journey of cosmic vagrancy. More than a month later, the wandering earth was captured by Jupiter’s gravity, and it will hit Jupiter in 37 hours, 4 minutes and 12 seconds, encountering “Jupiter crisis”.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

After the crisis, the coalition government organized a large-scale rescue operation in a short period of time: tens of thousands of engines, millions of rescue workers, rapid action response, making most of the planetary engines return to operation in a short period of time. So how can the coalition government match the best rescue team and the most effective rescue plan for each planetary engine in such a short time?

The answer is to build a data middle platform in the preparation stage of the tramp project and in the braking era. In the construction of the data center, we have built the emergency service in advance. By selecting the appropriate tags (operation status, geographical location, Flint status, etc.), we can quickly select the available rescue resources for each planetary engine circle, cooperate with the shortest path algorithm, group intelligence global optimization algorithm, etc. and strong computing ability, we can quickly calculate the best rescue path Route and rescue plan, and inform each rescue team.

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

In addition, friends who watch the movie carefully will find that in that era, data has been integrated into every decision-making scene, and there is a shadow of data in the middle of the stage:

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

Above, if we successfully escape the gravity of Jupiter according to the movie settings, and start a real long journey of wandering, the data will always be with us, and play a greater role in the progress of our human civilization ~ at that time, Shulan also hopes to continue to bring more value to the data use of the coalition government.

(but you also know that according to the data capacity and more accurate calculation decades later, the Jupiter crisis will not happen. The technically unreasonable scenes in the movie are really for the plot needs…)

If the earth is wandering, what can big data do?

Oh, by the way, let me remind you:

Han Ziang, the grandfather who brushes VR glasses in the movie, is actually a post-90s man. He was born in 1999. That is to say, by 2075, most of us may not have time to witness all this Break off!

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