IE9 Beta browser support for HTML5 / CSS3


Some people say that IE9 is the second revolution of Microsoft. I don’t think this statement is at all. Since IE6, the update of IE has not been so thorough. It fully supports DOM Level 2, css2.1, and the interface is more streamlined… Of course, what we are most concerned about is how IE9 supports HTML5 and CSS3

At Microsoft’s ownietestcenterOn the website, we see this chart:


Seeing this picture, I feel that the pear is very big. I wonder if IE9 is so good x? After carefully reading the instructions, it became clear that the test items here are only the items submitted by Microsoft to W3C, not the complete content. For example, CSS3 only contains five technologies, not all the CSS3 content – the strong BS almost fooled Microsoft

In fact, it’s easy to understand a browser’s support for HTML5 / CSS3. Modernizr introduced in the previous article is a very good tool. I’m lazy here. I can directly visit findwebyip to see the support of IE9 Beta for them:

IE9 support for new CSS3 features:


It can be seen that the support of IE9 Beta for the new features of CSS3 is still very weak.

IE9 support for CSS3 selectors:


IE9 finally fully supports CSS selectors!

IE9 support for new HTML5 features:


IE9 Beta’s support for HTML5’s new features is also incomplete, and the support for audio and video is very weak. Although the IE team said it would support WebM, it has not been implemented yet (PS: it is shown in the test on website,Ie9beta supports H.264 formatVideo). In addition, support for SVG is one of the benchmarks for Microsoft to promote IE9. However,How good is IE9’s support for SVG? Let’s go and have a look at the king’s way! PS: ie6-ie8 does not support SVG, so that Microsoft’s own VML should be used for related technology applications under ie.

IE9 support for HTML5 forms:


IE9’s support for HTML5 forms has always been my most concern. If the final official version of IE still does not support HTML5 forms, it is definitely a failed browser.

In fact, we know that IE9 has made great progress, but some of its performance makes us dare not have too much hope for it. For example, hardware acceleration is a great function, which can make the browser render faster, but even without hardware acceleration, chrome has been so fast. I really can’t figure out why hardware acceleration needs DirectX 9 +, and it must be Windows 7 system. Compared with webgl acceleration of WebKit, this strategy doesn’t have many advantages, unless Microsoft can upgrade all XP users to Windows 7!

Well, I did a simple review. I hope ie can be released and updated in a better way. The coexistence of ie6-ie9 will make people crazy