IDM tutorial: use IDM to download Baidu network disk files


What is IDM

In fact, I only use the IDM downloader to facilitate the direct download of files larger than 40m from the web version Baidu network disk. Everyone knows that the file is too large and can only be downloaded by opening the client. This is very annoying for my broken computer. I have to wait for it to open slowly every time, and then use my super VIP to download a small file less than 100 megabytes, So I found a tool on the Internet, which can be downloaded directly using the plug-in, eliminating the startup client of overqualified students.

The following is, of course, this familiar IDM downloader.

IDM Downloader is no stranger to everyone. Its full name is Internet Download Manager (IDM for short). It has always been known as the strongest Downloader, and the actual situation is indeed the case. IDM can download files through multiple threads, so as to improve the download speed. It can also automatically sniff and Download Web page videos. With scripts, it can also realize the unlimited download of Baidu network disk, which is super practical.

It sounds like there are many functions, but this article will not introduce too much. We will only talk about the practical single file download method. Other uses will be explained later.

IDM configuration explanation

Configuration prerequisite outline

  • Use Google Browser: Firefox and 360 are OK, but they have not been specifically tested

  • Install tampermonkey plug-in: Google can search for this plug-in and install it directly

  • Search in greasyforkBaidu network diskDownload as shown:Baidu online disk simple download assistant (straight chain download resurrection version)

    • The operation of other tools is similar, but several tests feel that the current speed is ideal.

Greasy fork access address:


  • Download and configure IDM

After the above processes are configured, the last step is to configure IDM. If you are not clear, look down:

How to configure IDM

  • Download IDM: if already downloaded, ignore this step.

I have a green version of IDM. Decompress it and perform greening Bat. The address is as follows:
Password: 8888

  • Set the maximum number of connections to:4 threads


  • Modify UA to:softxm;netdisk


Download test

  • Open Baidu network disk and find a file larger than 40m to download and test.

Select the file to be downloaded, and then click the red button “easy download assistant” in the plug-in


  • Copy direct link address:After copying, it can be transferred to IDMNew taskYes


Note: many plug-ins will now pay attention to official account input code, which is anti-theft. But anyway, I think it’s understandable to use other people’s things and pay attention to their support.

  • New task — paste — modify the save address after confirmation


Note: do not download immediately after creating a new download task. Wait until the normal file icon appears before downloading!


As you can see, a 200m + file is completed in seconds.


The above is the whole process of configuring IDM with test process.

You can see that you don’t need to worry about the client jumping around anymore.

In addition, for friends without super VIP members, will they like the download speed?

—-Steel [email protected] 2021.11.05


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