Ideal — a perfect plug-in close to Typecho


Explain:Sometimes you need to add a special effect to your blog. Can you only modify the theme source code? It’s too ironic. And the theme is updated every time, although there is no need to update. I’m afraid I have to sit in front of the computer if I want to updateWhat did I change? Oh, I changed my head. Why? Didn't I just change my head? What's the situation?? How does the pattern match? I'll rub it!! Deleted, let me think about it. Here... And here... (an hour later) result [database server error]

  1. Introduction of plug-ins

Prehistoric ideal, pure code.

This is a beautification plug-in for Typecho.

In order to update the theme anyway, it is unnecessary to modify the source code implementation.

This plug-in can also write better for you.

It may not just beautify in the future.

  1. Theme used by blogger: handsome theme developed by friend C, if you need to buy it immediately. [/scode]
  2. The plug-in is based on the beautification of handsome and almost supports other topics; the syntax shortcut key does not support other topics.
  3. At present, the plug-in is on a perfect journey in handsome6.0, supporting php7.3. More features download Plug-in view.
  • Update record

Version 1.3.0 date: December 11, 2019

  • New dynamic background (square block, comfort bubble, Turkish balloon.)
  • Four new mouse styles
  • Handle some magic style (picture hover enlarge, head image rotate, appreciation shake, reduce scroll bar, typing effect, list float up, H2 Title Center)
  • Background handle syntax shortcut input
  • Add 5 labels for automatic output
  • New comment blocking (comment character, forbidden word, sensitive word, name rule, blocked IP, blocked email)

Version 1.0.0 date: 2019-12-09

  • Add dynamic JS background (dynamic ribbon, dynamic bubbling)
  • Three mouse styles
  • Mouse click features (jQuery library, bubble setting, text bubble, love bubble, ink-jet bubble)
  • Article Copyright (author name, article link, article title)

Function introduction

  • Screenshots

Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho

Plan to enhance the background of plug-in to browse pictures.

Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho

Later support static background map, custom shame color.

Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho

  • Simple explanation

Features and implemented

  • Beautiful backstage
  • Plug in size less than MB
  • The configuration is really convenient
  • Background dynamic ribbon
  • Seven mouse indicator styles
  • Three types of mouse bubbles (text bubble, love bubble, ink-jet bubble)
  • Integrated article Copyright: Author: yves-x; repairer: God for Qilin
  • Comments blocking: by yovis blog
  • More extensions

To be completed

  • More 404 page options
  • More background options
  • More style loading configurations
  • More ideas

More ideas

May be based onhandsomeThe albums of are independent. Let the albums have a filter and load oneobject-fit-imagesThe idea of JS library has been implemented in the last topic I did. Now I mainly want to understandtypechoPlug in to learn how to modify the theme through plug-ins.
There are also:
At the same time, we plan to make an activity page imitating GitHub, as shown in the following figure:
Ideal -- a perfect plug-in close to Typecho

Mind map

Make a tab of thought map

! > the idea is very good, the reality is very cruel, the above is all my bullshit.

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