Idea shortcut key no matter how to do? IntelliJ idea shortcut key can not be used normally solution


Why can’t I use the IntelliJ idea shortcut key? What is the reason and how to solve it? Shortcut key failure is mostly caused by shortcut key conflict. The way to solve this problem is to change the shortcut key of IntelliJ idea or remove the shortcut key occupied by another software. Next, let’s introduce the solution to the problem that the shortcut key of IntelliJ idea can’t be used normally. Let’s go and have a look.

Software name:
IntelliJ idea 2017 v2017.2.3 32-bit / 64 bit English special edition (with registration code and installation tutorial)
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To change the shortcut keys of other commonly used software:

1. There are few commonly used software with shortcut keys, and it must be open to occupy the shortcut keys, so it is easy to find who is occupying the shortcut keys. There are about the following kinds of software: communication tools, input method, browser, etc.

2. Shortcut keys of input method can be found in its setting list – keys. If you can’t use them, cancel the check.

3. QQ shortcut keys can also be found in the settings – hotkeys, do not need to cancel the check. It also has a nice conflict alert.

4. In most cases, the shortcut keys of the browser do not work outside the browser and generally do not cause conflicts. But there are also individual shortcuts that work outside the browser. For example, the boss key, plug-in screenshot function.

Change the shortcut key of IntelliJ idea

1. First, open the settings page

2. Find shortcut options

3. Click the small magnifying glass on the right to open the small window. You can search by the combination of keys. For example, press Ctrl + Shift + F to search the function of Ctrl + Shift + F

4. The input box can be searched by function name or description

5. Double click a row of search results to set shortcut keys. The first line is the new shortcut, the second line is the new mouse shortcut, the third line is the new abbreviation, which is used in double shift search, and the fourth line is to remove the existing shortcut.

At the end of the tutorial, the above is about the idea shortcut key no matter how to use? IntelliJ idea shortcut key can’t be used normally. If you have the same question, please try the above method!