Idea plug-ins improve work efficiency


Below I will list the plug-ins commonly used in work, so that comrades who need to query and use them frequentlyBoldidentification:

  • [x] .ignore[git ignores the tool and automatically filters when submitting code]
  • [] acejump
  • [x] CodeGlance[code preview]
  • [x] Key promoter X[shortcut prompt]
  • [x] String Manipulation[string transformation, such as hump transformation]
  • [x] Lombok Plugin[compiler generates code such as get / set]
  • [x] Mybatis Plugin[mybatis interface jumps to XML]
  • [x] Alibaba[Alibaba programming specification]
  • [] jrebel [auto compile deployment tool]
  • [x] grep Console[console log filter and beautifier]
  • [] sonarlint [code scanner]
  • [] findbugs idea [code scanner]
  • [x] A8Translate[translation tools]
  • [] gsonformat [resolve JSON to POJO entity class]
  • [x] GenerateSerialVersionUID[generate UUID]
  • [x] Mybatis log plugin[print mybatis final execution SQL statement]
  • [] resulttoolkit [the restful interfaces in the project are unified]
  • [] jclasslib bytecode viewer [bytecode viewer]
  • [x] Json Parser[JSON format]
  • [] any rule [regular expression tool]
  • [] ideajad [decompile plug-in]
  • [] edutools [programming language learning tool]
  • [x] Mapstruct Support[mapstruct syntax prompt]
  • [x] Statistic[code statistics tool]
  • [x] StopCoding[anti addiction, timed pop-up]
  • [x] Codota[code auto completion]
  • [] Chinese (Simplified) language pack / Chinese language pack [Chinese language pack]
  • [x] JunitGenerator2[JUnit unit test generator]
  • [x] Rainbow brackets (performance)[rainbow brackets]

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