Idea installation and cracking


IntelliJ idea website:

1. Open the official website and click download

2. Choose the version to download according to your own computer environment

3. After downloading, double-click to start the installation and click next

4. Select the installation path

5. Select Install 64 bit and click next

6. By default, click Install

7. Start installation

8. After installation, check start

9. Start idea and go to the activation page

10. Select practical 30 days and click evaluate

11. Click new project

12. Create any project to the main page of idea

13. Download the crack patch in the network disk

Extraction code: hcet

14. Drag the zip package in the file directly to idea, and then click restart

15. Copy the installation parameters in the file to idea

16. Verify whether the attack is successful

Well, your idea installation is completed, and the workers can start moving bricks!!!