Idea 2020 can not find or install the official Chinese package solution


After the release of idea 2020, the Chinese language pack has been officially supported

However, I can’t find the official Chinese package in the plug-in market after I download it

How to solve this problem?

First, check out the bulid version of your current idea

Then go to the official website to download the offline Chinese language pack and download the link

You can see a lot of version numbers. Here we should pay attention to that the latest official build version of 2020.1 is 201.6668.113. It can be seen from the figure that these versions are all versions beginning with 202. If you download these versions and install them, you will be prompted that the versions are incompatible!!!

Scroll down, you will see a show more button, click it!!!

There are more versions to choose from. Here we choose to download 201.6668.113, which is consistent with our bulid version

Note that the version number of the language pack here must be less than or equal to the bulid version of your idea, otherwise version incompatibility will occur

Then click download

After downloading, go to the plug-in panel of idea and choose to install the plug-in from disk

Then, choose the path where you download the good plug-in

Then you will find that the language pack is installed

Finally, restart idea!!!

Final effect:

Finally, I want to make complaints about the operation of the official mystery. I don’t understand the latest Bulid version. The latest version of 201.6668.113 is only 202.*.

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