IDC distributed cloud report release


Recently, IDC officially released the report “distributed cloud: local cloud service market research”, which analyzes and interprets the local cloud service mode in distributed cloud composition from the aspects of concept and characteristics, products and modes, application scenarios and development trends. Among them,As one of the typical service providers, Inspur cloud is included in the report analysis.
IDC pointed out in the report that after the development of enterprise IT infrastructure has gone through the evolution process from hardware definition to software definition and then to service definition, the cloud has become the most critical it infrastructure. Therefore, the deployment and operation mode of cloud is becoming more and more diversified, and the flexible local cloud service mode has emerged,It also has five characteristics: low latency, customizable, high security, high flexibility and consistent experience,It can not only meet the elasticity, rapid expansion and iterative optimization of public cloud, but also save the huge cost of one-time investment of self built data center, and make up for the lack of IT technology ability of enterprise customers.

At present, major cloud service providers at home and abroad have launched local cloud services or software and hardware solutions for local deployment. Lightweight deployment and large-scale deployment have become the main representatives of local cloud service mode. Among them,Lightweight deployment is mainly for single enterprise customersIn the construction of cloud infrastructure, the public cloud is usually used as the main part and the local cloud as the auxiliary part, so as to improve the consistent experience of customers by opening up the local cloud and public cloud resources.At present, this mode is still in its infancy and cultivation period in the domestic market, and Internet, manufacturing and service may become the first batch of water testing industries.
Scale deployment is another representative of local cloud service mode,This mode is mainly for a certain customer cluster, through the unified management and upgrading of connecting with public cloud resources, users usually take the local cloud as the main and public cloud as the auxiliary in infrastructure construction, which is suitable for industry users with specific requirements for data sovereignty, network delay, service quality, security and compliance. At present, the service is mainly used by local governments, vertical ministries, financial and industrial leading enterprises.In the first mock exam, the wave cloud is typical service provider, and is embodied in the report by IDC. It believes that the cloud service industry already has a first hand advantage in the field of cloud services.

As a leading cloud computing service provider in China, Inspur cloud integrates multiple business scenariosDistributed cloud, which provides IAAs, PAAS, DAAS and SaaS continuum services, adheres to be a cloud service operator with distributed cloud platform as the core carrier,Realize the whole stack business link from technology, product to solution and service.
Among them,As the main product and service, Inspur cloud ICP has the characteristics of rapid deployment, exclusive compliance and smooth migration.It can not only quickly deploy online to provide services for customers, but also flexibly customize and deliver services according to users’ choice of business, realize automatic integration, automatic deployment and dynamic expansion. At the same time, it can also support the exclusive overall resource pool, enjoy more secure and stable network services, create a security collaborative defense system for users, and users can also according to their own network or security It is necessary to choose the deployment location of the service node freely, or directly deploy in the customer’s data center. Based on the vxlan network technology, it creates a virtualized layer-2 broadcast domain in multiple regions. It can realize the smooth migration without perception and the natural integration of Inspur public cloud when the business is deployed across three layers. At present,Inspur cloud ICP has been applied in government, e-commerce, retail, finance, manufacturing and other related industries with high data sensitivity, strong privacy and security requirements.
When it comes to the application scenarios of local cloud service market, IDC thinks that security sensitivity, local interaction, business innovation and cloud edge integration are the most concerned aspects of users.

Security sensitive

As an e-government cloud service provider in Shandong Province, Inspur cloud provides consulting, planning, construction, operation and other “one-stop” services for Shandong Province. Based on Inspur distributed cloud, it integrates and unifies the operation and management of various resource systems under different architectures, comprehensively improves the E-government cloud service level and security protection ability, and constructs a “1 + X” provincial integrated e-government cloud service framework system, which realizes the integration of e-government cloud services The whole province is a cloud.

Cloud edge integration

In combination with 5g network transformation and upgrading, Inspur cloud has realized the full life cycle intelligent service support for enterprise R & D, design, assembly, production, supply and sales in the construction of industrial Internet. Ecological partners use the powerful computing power and rich intelligent services of central cloud to incubate intelligent applications in various scenarios of industrial Internet, and distribute them to edge cloud on demand, and realize intelligent application through distributed cloud The efficient innovation, promotion and application closed-loop of the factory, through the Inspur distributed cloud “cloud edge integration” data service, the edge cloud centralized management of the core data in the factory, the local cloud connected with the government enterprise and inter factory collaborative data, under the premise of fully ensuring the enterprise data security, the various links of the cloud edge collaborative intelligent manufacturing construction were opened up, and the cloud edge composed of the local cloud and multiple edge clouds was formed Integrated architecture, which can be unified by opscenter, greatly reduces the operation and maintenance costs of each intelligent factory.

Liu Lihui, senior research manager of IDC’s China enterprise research department, said: “China’s local cloud operation services have begun to take shape and grow rapidly. With the background of software and hardware technology, cloud service providers have certain first mover advantages.Local cloud services will become an important choice for future cloud services, and distributed deployment and unified management will become the consistent demand of customers and service providers.Therefore, for service providers, they should further speed up the consumption or delivery of local cloud service infrastructure, pay attention to the improvement of local cloud service operation experience, and consider the long-term sustainable development of local cloud service. “.IDC distributed cloud report release