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ICalendar is the standard for calendar data exchange (RFC 5545). This standard sometimes refers to “ical”, which is a calendar software with the same name produced by apple, and this software is also an implementation of this standard.

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BEGIN:VCALENDAR     # Calendar start
PRODID:-//Google  Inc // Google Calendar 70.9054 // en ᦇ software information, this is not so strict, you can freely
VERSION:2.0     # ICalendar version number to follow
CALSCALE:GREGORIAN  # Calendar: Gregorian calendar
METHOD:PUBLISH      # Methods: disclosure can also be used for information communication between calendars, such as request
X-WR-CALNAME:[email protected]    #This is a general extended property that represents the name of the calendar
X-WR- TIMEZONE:Asia/Shanghai      #General extended attribute, representing time zone

BEGIN:VEVENT    # The event began
DTSTART:20090305T112200Z    # Start date and time
DTEND:20090305T122200Z      # End date time
DTSTAMP:20140613T033914Z    # If there is a method attribute, it indicates the creation time of the instance; if there is no method attribute, it indicates the date and time of the last revision
UID:9r5p7q78uohmk1bbt0ie[email protected] #UID
CLASS:PRIVATE   # Type of confidentiality
CREATED:20090305T092105Z    # Date and time of creation
DE SCRIPTION:test    # describe
LAST- MODIFIED:20090305T092130Z  # Last modified date and time
LOCATION:test   # address
SEQUENCE:1  # Sequence number
STATUS:CONFIRMED    # The status is uncertain confirmed cancelled
A brief introduction is usually a title
TRANSP:OPAQUE   # Transparent for free busy queries opaque transparent
END:VEVENT  # End of event

END:VCALENDAR   # End of calendar

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