IAR for stm8 license registration cracking installation detailed graphic tutorial (with registration machine)


IAR For Stm8(embedded workbench for arm) is an embedded working platform, which is mainly used for software development of ARM processor. It is an integrated development environment from the IAR official website. The following details introduce the activation, cracking and installation methods of IAR for stm8!

Specific installation tutorial:

1. download the software, double-click the installation package, and enter the preparation for installation (decompression) process

2. after the above preparations are completed, enter the installation ready interface and click “install IAR”

3. enter the installation wizard interface and click “next”

4. select “I accept the…”, Click “next”

5. click “change” to select the installation path (the default is Disk C, which can be changed to disk d) and click “next”

6. check the driver to be installed and debugged (all drivers are installed by default), and click “next”

7. select the installer folder (default), and click “next”

8. prompt (installation path, driver, etc.) whether it is ready for installation, and click “Install” to start installation

9. the installation process takes several minutes, so you need to wait patiently

10. after the software installation is completed, prompt to install the driver, and click “yes”

11. click “finish” to complete the software installation.

Registered software:

The registration method in this article refers to IAR for arm

1. open the installed software (you can open the software from the start menu without creating a desktop shortcut). Help – > license manager to enter license management.

2. open license management and the following “license Wizard” will pop up. Click “Cancel”.

3. use the offline activation method: license – > offline activation to enter the offline activation interface.

4. open the registration machine: (1) select the IAR type; (2) Production license code; (3) Copy the license code.

5. return to the “offline activation interface”, paste the registration code and click “next”

6. select “no” to lock, and click “next”

7. save the activation information “activationinfo.txt” in the installation directory and click “next”