I want to talk to you


Imperceptibly, the official account of MySQL technology has been in operation for a year and a half. It’s not easy to think that you can stick to writing for more than a year. Give yourself a compliment. Although this article is not high-yield, it will send original technical articles almost every week. It can’t survive without the support of readers. We don’t talk about technology in this article. I want to talk about my feelings and harvest with you. Please forgive me for my poor writing. Don’t go away, there are colored eggs at the end of the text!


First introduce yourself. The author’s surname is Wang. You can call me classmate Wang. At present, I have worked in Hangzhou for three years. I am not a big man. Like many readers, I am an it practitioner. Careful readers may find that this number has a “message” function. Ha ha, actually, this official account was applied in 16 years when I was in University, and I haven’t updated it. After graduating from University, I wrote some articles on CSDN and other blog platforms. Until the end of 18, I suddenly remembered that I had a ancestral official account. Why not run the official account to publish technical articles? In this way, there will be a stable readership, so this number has been in continuous operation since then.

At first, I didn’t think much about it. Anyway, I still have some inventory articles. I’ll send them slowly. So I sorted out the original articles and sent out some articles that were suitable for publication through the official account. But soon, my inventory was stretched. I had no choice but to start writing articles. In fact, the official account of pure technology is really hard to do. Most public official account will write some of their own life experiences and some hot news. Occasionally, they will send technical articles, but I can not write them, so I can only write technical articles. The goal set for yourself is Zhou Geng, that is, to write a technical article every week. This goal seems simple, but it’s not easy to stick to it. Sometimes I don’t know what to write, sometimes I have to consider what readers are interested in, sometimes I’m too busy to write articles, and I have to consider typesetting. During this period, I encountered various problems. I’m glad I insisted, gained a group of readers and felt your support.


This official account is targeted at sharing MySQL related articles, and most of the technical articles are MySQL related. Mysql database is widely used in the Internet industry and can be used by all kinds of technicians. At present, colleges and universities also offer database related courses. Among my readers, there are technicians from all walks of life and some students still in school. No matter what occupation you are engaged in, I believe the reason why readers pay attention to this number is to learn mysql. Everyone may learn MySQL for different purposes. For example, operators may learn to write SQL, developers and testers may use MySQL well at work, and operation and maintenance personnel pay more attention to database performance and stability. No matter what you are learning MySQL at present, I hope you can gain something here.

Write articles in the future, try to write from multiple angles, and take care of different reader groups. If you have article recommendation or contribution, you can also contact me. It’s easy to write an article, but it really takes perseverance to stick to writing articles every week. If I can’t stick to it in the future, or I’m too busy for a few weeks, I hope you can understand and don’t take it off.


In the last two months, I have indeed sent some advertisements for qiaofan. I’m sorry to tell you here. Some gold owners are looking for it, which shows that this number is still valuable. Thanks to the support of readers, I can receive some advertisements. By earning income from writing articles, I am more motivated to write. Here I assure you that the promotion I received is technology related, mostly some free experience courses or materials. For the promotion articles, I hope you can be more tolerant, help Click to read, and learn if it is useful to you. In the case of receiving promotion, there will be no more than 3 promotion articles a month. I still hope I can send more technical articles. With the promotion income, I will give you some small benefits from time to time and make a lucky draw to give back to you.

Readers who can see here are true love, ha ha. Having said so much, in short, it is emotional readers. With your support, I can continue to update. I always believe in a saying: diligence can make up for weakness. As long as you stick to it, life will surprise you inadvertently. This sentence is also given to you. Below the official account is the two-dimensional code. The students who are interested in chatting with me or exchanging with others can pay attention to me. I will continue to exchange with readers later. What do you want to say after you finish reading this article? Welcome to the message.

I want to talk to you

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