I often listen to what my friends say about J2EE, and finally know something about J2EE. I’m a sweat


I often listen to what my friends say about J2EE. I finally know what J2EE is. I’ve searched the Internet. This is more detailed. J2EE, Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition (Java   two   Platform   Enterprise   Edition),   It is a standard platform launched by sun for enterprise applications. The Java platform is divided into three major versions   EE、Java   Se and Java   ME。  

When sun released JDK 1.2 in 1998, it used the new name Java   two   Platform, namely “Java2 platform”, the modified JDK is called Java   two   Platform   Software   Develping   Kit, or J2SDK. It is divided into standard edition   Edition,J2SE),   Enterprise (enterprise)   Edition, J2EE), Micro Edition (J2ME). J2EE was born.  

In June 2005, the JavaOne conference was held, and sun disclosed Java   SE   6。 At this time, various versions of java have been renamed to cancel the number “2”: J2EE has been renamed Java   EE,   J2SE renamed Java   Se, J2ME renamed Java   ME。  

With the development of Java technology, J2EE platform has developed rapidly and become one of the most active systems in Java language. Nowadays, J2EE not only refers to a standard platform, but also expresses a software architecture and design idea.  

J2EE is a platform composed of a series of technical standards, including:  

* Applet – Java Applet 
*   EJB  –  Enterprise JavaBean (enterprise)   Java   Beans)  
* JAAS – Java Authentication and Authorization Service 
* JACC – J2EE Authorization Contract for Containers 
* JAF – Java Beans Activation Framework 
* JAX-RPC – Java API for XML-Based Remote Procedure Calls 
* JAX-WS – Java API for XML Web Services 
*   JAXP  –  Java   XML parsing API (Java)   API   for   XML   Processing)  
* JAXR – Java API for XML Registries 
*   JCA  –  J2EE connector architecture (J2EE)   Connector   Architecture)  
*   JDBC  –  Java database connection (Java)   Database   Connectivity)  
*   JMS  –  Java Message Service (Java)   Message   Service)  
* JMX – Java Management 
*   JNDI  –  Java name and directory interface (Java)   Naming   and   Directory   Interface)  
* JSF – Java Server Faces 
*   JSP  –  Java server page (Java)   Server   Pages)  
*   JSTL  –  Java server page standard tag library (Java)   Server   Pages   Standard   Tag   Library)  
*   JTA  –  Java transaction API (Java)   Transaction   API)  
* JavaMail 
* Servlet – Java Servlet API 
* StAX – Streaming APIs for XML Parsers 
* WS – Web Services 

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