I found a special man Linux tool!!!


I don’t need to say more about Linux commands. Who doesn’t know a few? But a command may have dozens of uses, the simplest and most commonly usedlsFor example, it has nearly 20 options usages

such as

ls -a: all files and their hidden files

ls -t: sort by creation time

ls -h: real file content size

… wait

To tell you the truth, so many usages are sometimes used suddenly. I can’t remember. Maybe we choose to go to Google and Baidu. But today I recommend a method to you, which has improved the efficiency a lot.

man!!! It’s a little interesting to hear the name. The usage is also very simple.

Direct terminal inputMan command to query

I found a special man Linux tool!!!

What? How is it in English? Obviously, it’s not very friendly to many little friends who don’t speak good English.

So, for Linux and MAC. How to install the Chinese version of man!


All students using MAC must have homebrew installed. First, install two packages through brew

brew install automake
brew install opencc

After installation, download the Chinese package and compile it. Execute the following commands in sequence!

> git clone  https://github.com/man-pages-zh/manpages-zh
> cd manpages-zh
> autoreconf --install --force
> ./configure
> sudo make
> sudo make install

After the installation, re execute our command just now,man ls。 Eh, why is it garbled?

I found a special man Linux tool!!!

At this time, install groff through brew

brew install groff

Edit the file after installationman.conf

sudo vim /etc/man.conf

Add on the last line

NROFF preconv -e UTF8 | /usr/local/bin/nroff -Tutf8 -mandoc -c

I found a special man Linux tool!!!

then:WqSave and exit, execute the command again, and you can display Chinese normally

I found a special man Linux tool!!!


wget https://src.fedoraproject.org/repo/pkgs/man-pages-zh-CN/manpages-zh-1.5.2.tar.bz2/cab232c7bb49b214c2f7ee44f7f35900/manpages-zh-1.5.2.tar.bz2


tar -xjf manpages-zh-1.5.2.tar.bz2 

Enter directory

cd manpages-zh-1.5.2/


> ./configure --disable-zhtw
> make && make install

To prevent the conflict between the Chinese version and the original version, use an aliascman

echo "alias cman='man -M /usr/local/share/man/zh_CN'" >> /etc/profile.d/cman.sh

Then refresh it

source /etc/profile.d/cman.sh

In this way, the Chinese version on Linux is installed. Entercman lsYou can see all the usage of LS

I found a special man Linux tool!!!

Well, if you can’t remember the command in the future, you can query it directly. Is it convenient?

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I found a special man Linux tool!!!