I don’t want to say goodbye to graduation season


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I have never thought that graduation is so close to me. In a few days, I will leave school and become a social person. Suddenly, I feel a little sad.
When I was in school, I didn’t join many clubs like other students. Most of the time, I lived in dormitories (sleeping), library (studying) and classroom (class). In other times, I played basketball, table tennis, gym and swimming.

Looking back on my college life, there are gains and regrets. Generally speaking, I am happy and satisfied.

Develop the habit of reading

As the saying goes, “one life, two fortunes, three geomantic omens, four accumulations of virtue and five studies.”. Also influenced by some excellent people, I found that the more people have the ability to master wealth, the more they love reading classic books, and they also benefit a lot from it.

I hope I can read more classic books in the future, but I still don’t read them in University.

Master a skill to support yourself

I’m glad that I learned the front-end when I was a freshman, and I’m very grateful for my persistence. Although I have some worries and doubts, I’m very grateful to some of my online friends for their help and guidance.

Finally, I found a job to support myself. Although I failed to achieve the goal set before graduation, the gap was much smaller.

There are regrets. I will try to spend more time to catch up with the rest of the time. I firmly believe that heaven rewards diligence, nine minutes of sweat, a piece of luck.


My official account was official account. When I was a freshman, I registered. When my uncle read articles frequently to the public number, he love it. He also thought he could write some people and things around him, but he wrote a few articles to eat.

Later, when I was a junior, I picked it up again and changed the name [front-end fresh students]. I hope to write some technical articles and things about my life, which is also a record of my growth. Sharing out can help some people, which is excellent, after all, I also benefit a lot from other people’s articles.

Hope to output more quality articles in the future and stick to it.


Before I went to college, I liked playing badminton, table tennis and basketball. When I was in college, I learned to swim. I ate a lot of water in the school swimming pool, and learned breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. Maybe the movements are not very standard, but I can’t drown. Ha ha ha ha.

There are also fitness, in the gym also gained some good friends, guide me to exercise, also for the first time to try to buy protein powder to eat.

I saw a lot of skateboarding in the school. I saw it was very handsome when I was brushing video at home during the epidemic period. So I bought one to try it. I found it was really interesting. I fell down several times, and finally I was able to stand up and turn around.


Mm-hmm, the above is almost the author’s college life.

Entering the society, I don’t expect to get rich. I just want to keep going step by step on my own road.

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