I didn’t expect you to be like this JavaScript


A few days ago, a classmate asked me, teacher, our company’s product is a web app, the company uses jQuery, I feel I can’t learn anything, is it a mobile terminal

Isn’t jQuery very good? At that time, my mood was like this:

I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

Then I told you that jQuery is not suitable for mobile terminals, which is rather bloated. Then development is not suitable for mobile terminals. You can try react.

Student: it’s a teacher like this. I want to use an app to switch from one page to another, pull data from the background, and then operate and submit data from the front end. Can react handle it.

Me: Yes.

Student: Well, react is very good. By the way, teacher, what is react? I’ve heard of it. I don’t know what it is or how to learn it?

At that time, my mood was like this:
I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

Me: we talked about the example of XXX on day XX. How could I not have talked about it?

Student: Yes, I remember. The teacher said that I gave you back what you gave me. When will I give back my tuition.

I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

In the future, no matter what the teacher said, but I forgot, and when you said something, don’t add a sentence at the end. That’s what our teacher said. It was Lu Xun who said it, but I didn’t say anything about it.

Student: OK, I see. By the way, what is react

Me: react is a framework for Facebook, using JSX syntax.

Student: Yes, during the interview, my wife asked me what JSX is.

Me: you can roughly understand JSX as JavaScript or an enhanced version of JavaScript.

Student: is my native JS useless.

Me: Yes, but it uses ES6. You have to compile it with Babel.

Student: what is Babel

Me: Babel is the tool that compiles ES6 into Es5.

Student: teacher, what is ES6?

Me: ES6 is the next version of ES6.

Student: it’s the same as not saying.

Me: just remember that Es5 is JavaScript compatible and ES6 is incompatible.

Student: what about incompatibility?

Me: Babel!!!!

Student: how to use it?

Me: you can install it independently, but more often you can use webpack integration to install it.

Student: internally, teacher, can I ask another question?

Me: Well, you can ask the next question.

Student: Thank you, teacher. What is webpack?

Me: you can simply understand it as a packaging tool. ES6 conversion and typescript conversion into JS are used by many companies.

Student: teacher, I see. I know if TS writes angular?

Me: it’s the language after an2.

Student: is typescript JS?

Me: typescript is compiled into JS, but it’s not JS itself. It’s more powerful than JS. You can understand that JavaScript is the monkey king, and typescript is the super Saiya.

Student: I wipe it. Teacher, I don’t look at the dragon ball.

Me: just remember that TS is not just a bull force when developing large-scale programs, it’s just a bull force. An2 is written by this product.

Student: teacher, isn’t it four?

Me: Well, angular’s update speed is almost catching up with that of my aunt.

Student: I’m a teacher. In fact, I just want to cut a web page and use ajax to request data. Why do I feel that the more I learn, the more things I learn? My learning speed is not as fast as that of other people’s frameworks

What am I learning?

Me: in your eyes, there are a lot of complicated things in JavaScript. They look familiar but not familiar. Is it like this?
I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

Sorry, it’s wrong. It’s this
I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

When you see this picture, are there only two people in your mind who can’t?
I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

Student: en en, teacher, please tell me about it quickly. I feel that I haven’t learned fast enough.

===================Gorgeous dividing line==================

The above situation sounds like a joke. It’s really the typical problems of many students.

In a word, the contradiction between backward learning productivity and growing company demand.

First of all, I want to smooth out the learning context of JS, and then talk about the learning methods.

The context of learning is different,

The painting is very clear, please consciously ignore my carpet.

Here’s the specific jumble of words.

The first is the language category

I didn't expect you to be like this JavaScript

ES5,ES6,ES7, ECMAScript2015 ,Typescript,JSX

There are many versions of JS. In addition, you may have to work on your own grammar. You only need to know the history and current development of es5-7, which framework uses which grammar. It’s all for discussion. It’s ok if you don’t know, but it seems like you’re a native. Just like you may not know Yoshizawa Mingbu, but you must know Mr. Cang. Otherwise, we can’t communicate. It’s like people say Tokyo is very hot. Do you think so? Beijing is hotter, so there will be no friends.

The second class continues to install B occasionally useful – compiler tool class

This kind of tool is like Durex. I don’t use it normally. I’m really worried when I use it. What do you mean? I’ll play with a box of Okamoto and tell you I’ll go there. It’s ultra-thin. It’s either a psycho or a pretender. It’s the same with compiler tools. There’s nothing to do with them


One mouth is the LTS version. There must be no business to do. Of course, I mean that you have to understand, such as installing, configuring a project to run and working with a workflow. It’s like you have to be able to unpack, don’t use it backwards, cough, don’t say Too much research on webpack is the same as the research on lubricant types, which is mostly abnormal.

The third type is girlfriend frame

We can have multiple girlfriends, but only one. Multiple female friends can make our life more colorful, but only one female friend can accompany you all your life. The relationship between framework and developer is the same.

You don’t run after all the frames all day, like

angular react vue jquery loadash

Wait, just choose one and do it well until it makes you feel good. What does it mean to feel good? At least you can use this framework to recruit most of the companies that use this framework, so that you can enter the company smoothly. That’s it. Some people say that if I choose a framework that is going to be eliminated, there are two things. First, you don’t have a good eye. How do you live with others. Second, if you really study hard, you will soon understand the objective aspects of this framework, and you will decide whether it is suitable for you to continue to learn or change. You clearly know that she is an s, you have to be an M, and she is not gentle enough. It’s not because of other people’s personality. Is it because of your illness

The fourth type of mother-in-law – background JS, native application JS and other environment JS

This type of JS contains,

nodejs weex  react native phoneGap  hbuilder easyui mui

And so on. There are two reasons for many companies that require the front end to do this. One is that the company wants to save money and let the front end do many other jobs. The second is that the back office staff of the company use these. A lot of people want to learn these techniques. I asked him, can you? Basically, the conclusions are two knives. Do you think it’s appropriate for you to drive your mother-in-law to square dance all day? If you want to control more technical links, no problem. If you want to learn from the front end, you’d better move the bricks honestly. These technologies, in order to work well, you need to know, but don’t get involved.

Finally, I’ll tell you how to learn and how to deal with your girlfriend

Many people think that every framework has to be met. I asked him why. He said that the company’s recruitment requirements are like this now, and HR interviews like to ask these questions. I always advise them

First learn native JS well, and then choose a framework you like to study deeply

People ask you about the framework because the company really needs it, but if you have a solid foundation, you just answer that I have used a similar so and so, and I can start to study it in a week. If it’s really not good, I’ll write one with native language. Basically, HR won’t be difficult. Of course, you really have enough confidence to say so. Don’t be confused by appearances. HR is not satisfied with your inability to use a certain framework, but with your poor JS level.

JS is not equal to framework.

Here comes Nicholas Diao Dabin’s famous saying. Remember,Every mother-in-law who thinks you are short doesn’t think you are short, mostly because you are poor!

JS is equivalent to the front, while the framework is equivalent to the car. HR is like a mother-in-law. The interview is to see my mother-in-law.

You’re worth 200 million in several companies. You’re going to see her with a poxiali company. She thinks that this young man is good, rich and thrifty. The key is to be stable and low-key.

You drive a broken Xiali to see her at 1800 a month. She thinks in her heart that this young man can’t do it. If you don’t have money, you are stingy. How can you get a second-hand broken Xiali.

Learn JS well. It’s easy to change a car (the car frame here). It’s not a big deal to change your mother-in-law (company).

Finally, JS Dafa is good. Brother Xin Bin will live forever.

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