I advise you not to keep accounts


As for financial management, the first step is to keep accounts and find out your own expense list.

With the list, you can sort out which flowers to spend and which to save, and then make some plans for yourself to accumulate the original funds.

I just started to write down for one month, and found that I could record my expenses clearly, so that I could see every expenditure clearly, and then I began to think about what could be saved.

Reduce the Internet fee, change the traffic from taxi to bus, and then cancel some activities. As a result, there are several thousand yuan more each month, but I lose even more.

Bookkeeping saves real money, but loses the premium that opportunity brings. Time is valuable. When you take a taxi leisurely, you can have a look at the information, make a list of today’s plans, and be able to handle it calmly, without spending more than half an hour on the crowded car.

Save money down, make me very embarrassed, let me feel more loss. Because my monthly expenses are basically fixed. Apart from eating and drinking, I don’t spend too much money. I can’t afford to have occasional parties and so on.

So I take in the summary of my account. Know their monthly spending, as long as the monthly do not spend, basic stability can be. Then I made some other plans, that is, I will invest part of my income every month. The basic investment is courses, books, or a friend.

Saving money is only a very elementary operation, which will make your vision trapped in your own small world. Only you don’t care about gain or loss, are willing to pay for knowledge and friends, to buy other people’s time, to invest in your own brain.

I am a northerner. I am a native northerner. In my world outlook, I decide whose territory I am in. For example, if you come to me to ask for dinner and chat with me, it must be that I have to check out. If I go to your side, you are a worker, I will not rob you of the bill. If you are a student, I will pay the bill.

If it’s a multi person activity or a party, it’s usually to inform AA in advance, so that everyone can make a prediction in advance. It’s very easy to participate if you think it’s meaningful or not.

Bookkeeping allows you to make accurate judgments about expenses, but the time spent in bookkeeping and the frugality caused by bookkeeping affect the quality of life, which is not worth the loss.

You can keep accounts, make a preliminary understanding of your monthly expenses, and then you don’t need to keep accounts in the future. This is the most obvious comparison. I remember that before in high school, one of my classmates studied the most assiduously, did many sets of questions every day, and the papers were dense.

But the test results are always unsatisfactory. Later, I paid attention to it for a while, and found that he did it purely without thinking, and then it was over. If the next time he meets the same question, he will directly follow the previous answer. If there are some changes in the question, he doesn’t care about this or follow the previous answer, and feels that he is remembering.

Hard work is not the right way, but effective learning. Bookkeeping is not an end. To master the measurement and control of money is his goal. So it only needs to be done a few times,People who keep accounts don’t have the heart to figure out how to make money, but they keep the deadly logic that saving is making money.

I have the chance to go out more and see the world more. For example, I chatted with President Zhang last weekend and became interested in new retail. The original information gap and cognitive blind spot exist forever, and existence is opportunity.

Remember, stop the habit that you have nothing to do with bookkeeping, it will save nothing and lose opportunities. It’s better to plan well and improve your earning thinking.

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