Hyperlink icon specification: improve the readability of articles


1. What is the hyperlink icon specification
The hyperlink icon specification is modified and adjusted according to the icon textlinks with CSS. The main thing is to reduce the number of requests to integrate some images into a common image server. Through this set of CSS framework, add Icon identification to the type of linked file. Improve the readability of articles.

2. What formats of files does the hyperlink icon specification support
At present, 21 file formats are provided with link image identification. Including: Doc, TXT, zip, rar, EXE, GIF, JPG, BMP, PPS, fla, SWF, TTF, MOV, avi, WMV, MP3, WMV, WAV, RSS, OPML, xpi and other formats
3. How to use this CSS framework
Will contain the background picture of icon BG GIF is placed in the images folder and style is imported into the page css。 If you change the storage address of background pictures, you need to modify the address of background pictures in CSS.
4. Download address


5. Browser support
Unfortunately, this set of hyperlink icon specifications cannot be supported under IE6. Of course, its support can be realized through JavaScript.
At present, this set of hyperlink icon specifications only supports some common file types, and many file types use the same icon. For example, avi, MOV, WMV. I hope any UI expert can provide a set of copyrighted icon. I also hope you can put forward your valuable opinions and improve this set of hyperlink icon specifications