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Speaker: Huawei consumer cloud service push service product director

Hello, everyone. Thank you very much for coming and sharing and communicating with us.

At this stage, HMS core has brought many new capabilities, andPush serviceAs the first batch of open capabilities, thank you very much for your support over the years. This year will also bring you new features to better promote the growth of push services.

Push serviceSince its opening in 2017, many developers have quickly accessed it,By 2018, the number of accesses will reach 10000, breaking 10 billion in 2019, and global push notifications will be made in 2019. This year, the number of messages and accesses will have a greater development。 At the same time of development, many friends told us last year whether we can make the application grow faster, so we have built a new three board axe to accelerate the growth of users this year.

“Quick notification”

The first is “quick notification”, which can quickly reach users。 Last year, many applications like precision touch and smart display were installed on mobile phones, but few people registered. Some people can’t touch it if they don’t activate it, and “quick notification” can help you do fast touch and user recall.

“Fast notification” provides a proprietary channel to realize instant message delivery without queuing. It is suitable for the use scenario of important notifications。 Last year, there were many trading reminders in the securities field, which need to inform users quickly. It may be that users will miss the trading opportunity and suffer heavy losses because the peak period of notification is blocked for more than ten seconds. Therefore, we organized the research and development of the “fast notification” scheme to make the message arrive quickly, so as to ensure that customers perceive the timeliness of transaction processing and will not miss important opportunities.

Another example is the scene of convening people for a meeting. The meeting time is approaching. Someone receives the notice slowly. He may not know the meeting. It is also troublesome to call one by one. Therefore, “quick notice” can help quickly inform everyone to participate in important meetings together.
For another example, in the real estate industry, some brokers interact with customers. If customers receive information slowly, it will lead to customer loss. The “quick notice” can quickly solve this business scenario problem.

“Fast notification” maintains a highly stable channel while “fast”. Strong reliability, can achieve more than 99% arrival rate; In terms of security, two-way encryption is also done, with the function of message arrival receipt to ensure the integrity of the push path; At the same time, it can also support Android, IOS, web and other devices and platforms across the end.

Intelligent display

Second board Axe: intelligent display, with enhanced reminder function。 If there are too many notifications, the reminders may not be strong enough. We can make the reminders stronger and more differentiated, and users are easier to perceive. Secondly, we should consider making users feel the notifications at the right time when they want to see the notifications. In addition, we have also made full scene touch, which can be accessed from multiple terminals. In addition to mobile phones, we can also reach users on TVs and watches.

What are the advantages of enhanced reminders? Conventional notifications are reflected in the information bar, so we can make more eye-catching reminders, such as locking the screen, displaying the push notification at the time and weather when the mobile phone is off, reminding consumers to unlock and view the content, and better reminding mobile phone users of notification messages through ring vibration.

In order to remind users at the right time, we made a bright screen display. At present, applications push notifications frequently. Sometimes users don’t have time to look at their mobile phones, and important notifications are crowded by other messages. This bright screen reminder can be displayed by estimating the time when users light up the screen, which can greatly improve the display opportunity of notifications and help users reach them faster.

In terms of touching the whole scene, car machines, smart screens, watches and the most commonly used mobile phones can be linked. For example, it is inconvenient to use the mobile phone when driving, so we put the push notification on the car, so that we can see the notification message when driving, and we can call and reply to important things in time. For example, when watching TV, the notification pops up in time, which can also avoid users from missing important information. Watch touch is mainly used when you are running, because it is inconvenient to carry a mobile phone during running. The watch can receive important messages and deal with them in time.

Precise touch

The third board Axe: accurate touch is an important supplement to the first two functions。 Some inappropriate push content will cause users’ disgust. We can provide accurate ability to push users’ favorite messages to users. In this regard, we also improved our ability last year – there are preset user tags, RTA real-time decision-making, and developers and Huawei can jointly judge this consumer, that is, the attribution of transformation effect, In this way, you can monitor the push effect and adjust the strategy in time.

Preset common labelsFor example, the activity label allows operators to see whether users are active users or silent users, so as to promote activation marketing in time. In addition, there are labels subdivided by user attributes and user events, including what app users recently browsed, when they logged in, the last time they clicked on advertising, etc. labels can be combined with each other, Jointly select the appropriate population.

In addition, RTA real-time decision sendingFor example, Huawei analyzes that a user is on the microblog. This user likes watching sports very much. We will send sports content on the microblog to reach it and judge whether it is the user’s favorite content. If so, we will push it according to this content later. Personalized content recommendations can also be made to thousands of people and thousands of faces in real time. For example, Taobao sends red envelopes during the double 11 event. Some people can send 200 red envelopes and some people 100 red envelopes according to the past consumption situation of consumers. Personalized products can also be promoted in the content field. For example, this person likes lipstick and that person likes suits, You can push thousands of people and thousands of faces according to your preferences.

We have made two schemes for the attribution of transformation effectFirst, the user conversion attribution can be done by providing the deeplink link. Second, the click receipt ability of the server can be used to observe the effect of this channel on new users and what kind of paying users are. Various applications are often promoted, such as push and information flow, including natural traffic and parameters provided by attribution ability. You can quickly calculate the proportion of a channel and the effect achieved, which is more conducive to optimizing push services in the later stage.

At present, many partners have used this capability, and the effect is obvious after use. Generally, the silent users have been reduced by 30%, and the browsing duration and utilization rate have increased by 20%. The transformation effect attribution can help the application achieve greater user activity.
This is an important capability we have enhanced this year. One is that the “quick notification” can be sent quickly, and the second “intelligent display” can display more strongly, so that users can feel the content more and don’t miss it. The third “accurate touch” is to achieve higher notification conversion rate and fewer user complaints, so that we can make a comprehensive solution for pushing messages to reach users.

Thank you very much for listening. Welcome to communicate with me after the meeting. Thank you!

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