Huawei HMS core installation pop-up window cannot pop up on third-party mobile phones


Problem description

Recently, after accessing Huawei game SDK version, we started the game on non Huawei mobile phones and found that the 907135003 error code was always reported after calling the init interface.

Test initialization on Huawei mobile phone is successful.

problem analysis

I contacted Huawei technical supportWork order consultation)。 Reproduce the problem, take the full log and search for the keyword “hmssdk_”, The technical support points out the error information:

2022-03-07 15:22:48.417 28789-28789/com.happyelements.AndroidAnimal E/HMSSDK_SystemUtils: isSystemApp Exception:$NameNotFoundException: com.huawei.appmarket
 2022-03-07 15:22:48.423 28789-28789/com.happyelements.AndroidAnimal I/HMSSDK_UpdateManager: app is: com.huawei.appmarket;status is:NOT_INSTALLED 
2022-03-07 15:22:48.429 28789-28789/com.happyelements.AndroidAnimal I/HMSSDK_UpdateManager: In getAndroidMarketSetting, configuration not found for android channel market setting. 
2022-03-07 15:22:48.433 28789-28789/com.happyelements.AndroidAnimal I/HMSSDK_UpdateManager: typeList is empty, no upgrade solution


The following configurations are missing in the project, and the Huawei application market is not installed on non Huawei mobile phones, so the server upgrade is not triggered.


Reference documents:Configuration Metadata

Problem solving

Add the following metadata to the application of “androidmanifest. XML”


After configuring the metadata, when HMS core is not installed on non Huawei mobile phones, the HMS core installation pop-up box can pop up normally. After the installation is successful, the initialization is successful and the problem is solved.