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Summary of common code

Huawei small program (fast application) login is relatively simple, and error reporting is also quite unreasonable.

The following are the common return status codes:


  • -1: Is the background certificate does not match.
  • 0: success.
  • 6004: anything can happen. Generally, it depends on the data prompt.
  • 7001: account number.
  • 7005: parameter error, general prompt:{"code":7005,"data":"PARAM ERROR"}

Huawei Technology’s reply

The official document is to check these:

  1. Whether you have applied for account service and game service.
  2. Whether the parameter appid passed in by login is consistent with that obtained by Huawei developer alliance.
  3. Whether the fingerprint certificate used by RPK package is consistent with that filled in when applying for account service and game service.
  4. If there is no problem with the above configuration, it may be that the gateway permission is delayed. Please turn on the switch of account service and game service again in AGC, and try to clear the data of HMS core.
  5. Clear HMS core data method: search in “application management” in debugging mobile phone“HMS Core”Click enter to delete the data.

delivery: Huawei game document centerHuawei game account access

However, after checking, it is found that the background permissions are all on. On the Internet, it means to turn on and then turn off, and wait for 15 minutes.

Later, I consulted Huawei game technology M and got the following reply:

Open and close it for about 10 minutes, download the JSON file again, clear the cache of Huawei mobile service HMS core, and test it with several mobile phones.

In the end, it was a mistake,The lower 6004 is studiedIt is found that most of the reasons are due to the return of Huawei’s third-party applications and services, such as:

{"code":6004,"data":"get player info fail"}
{"code":6004,"data":"Login FAIL"}

Think about itget player info fail, it should be the problem of authority. After thinking about it for a long time, I suddenly thought of itGoogleThere was a problem with the kit, and then I went to check itHuawei componentsIt is found that “Huawei game center” is missing, althoughHMS CoreAll complete, but without it, there may be a lack of gamesinfo, and then download the “Huawei game center” and log out.

This kind of non-technical problem really takes a lot of time.

{"code": 6004, "data": "get player info fail"} -- > >: permission, certificate, Suite
{"code": 6004, "data": "login fail"} -- > >: this new login method GameLogin is invalid

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