Huawei cloud first passed the trusted blockchain evaluation


Huawei cloud first passed the trusted blockchain evaluation
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In recent years, blockchain technology is being recognized by all walks of life, with the role of “reducing costs, improving efficiency and optimizing industry integrity environment”. Based on the blockchain system, data can be effectively confirmed. Through the process of “trusted digital” data chain, the authenticity of data can be effectively guaranteed, and the past difficult problems for the industry can be solved practically. The transformation and upgrading of various industries can be promoted from two aspects of “cost reduction” and “efficiency improvement”.
Recently, at the 2019 Huawei China ecological Partner Conference, Huawei cloud released four blockchain industry solutions, namely blockchain + government affairs, blockchain + intercompany transactions, blockchain + supply chain logistics and blockchain + medical treatment. It is committed to the construction of blockchain platform and the implementation of industry solutions, reducing the technical threshold for the industry to use blockchain.

The openness of cloud and the availability of cloud resources determine that the public cloud platform is the best carrier of blockchain innovation. Blockchain is the enabling technology of digital economy. Enterprises want to improve the speed of blockchain innovation, so blockchain as a-service comes into being. Relying on Huawei’s years of hard core technology accumulation and service practice experience, Huawei cloud blockchain service (BCS) provides an open, easy-to-use, flexible and efficient general-purpose basic solution based on the actual business scenario and Huawei cloud container, security and other services.
In 2018, under the leadership of China Academy of information and communication (China Academy of telecommunications, Ministry of industry and information technology), a four month “trusted blockchain product evaluation” was organized and carried out, focusing on three parts: core technology, application support and operation and maintenance management, hoping to do some specific standard tests from system reliability, security, stability, adaptability and portability.
Aiming at the function of blockchain products, this evaluation covers 19 test items and 95 test points in three parts of core technology, application support and operation and maintenance management, and makes specific standard evaluation from system reliability, security, stability, adaptability and portability. During this period, a total of 42 enterprises signed up for the trusted blockchain function test. Of the 19 test items and 95 test points, Huawei cloud passed all the required items at one time, and most of them passed the optional items, especially in the key areas such as fast Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm, state secret encryption mechanism support, system stability, data privacy, etc., and became the first group to pass the test Enterprises that have passed the trusted blockchain function test.
According to the evaluation results, among the options, Huawei cloud has excellent performance in private key management, password technology support, application layer stability, node management, operation and maintenance. This is due to Huawei’s 30 years of experience and accumulation in ICT and enterprise business fields, which makes Huawei cloud have its own unique and accurate understanding in building block chain system capabilities. Therefore, Huawei cloud Only by serving cloud BCS, can we truly become a safe, easy-to-use and easy-to-use product on the basis of blockchain credibility.
In fact, as early as 2016, Huawei began to actively participate in the “super ledger” project under the Linux foundation, which is the most influential open-source project in the field of blockchain technology. He also holds the positions of ITU-T, FG DLT architecture group and FG DPM blockchain group. And in the two most popular subprojects fabric and STL, they have made continuous technical and code contributions. At the same time, they have been awarded the position of maintainer by the community. They are also the only maintainer from Asia in the two projects. As a member of hyperledger, China has only two maintainer positions. As the first tool project, caliper, a blockchain benchmarking tool led by Huawei cloud, has been adopted by hyperledger.
In 2018, Huawei became a member of the financial blockchain cooperation alliance, as well as the partners of ey and sap in the blockchain field.
In February 2018, based on Huawei’s years of accumulation in core technology fields such as distributed parallel computing, PAAS, data management, security encryption, Huawei cloud released blockchain service (BCS) for the first time to provide enterprises and developers with high-performance, high availability and high security public cloud blockchain technology services.
In April 2018, the white paper of Huawei blockchain was released, which reflected and explored the core technology, industrial development status, typical application scenarios and research results over the years of Huawei cloud blockchain.
In August 2018, the baas (blockchain as a service) project team of the trusted blockchain promotion plan was established. Dr. Zhang Yu, chief architect of Huawei cloud blockchain service, served as the vice president of the trusted blockchain alliance of the Institute of information technology of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the leader of the baas project team. Baas project team is committed to jointly explore and solve various problems encountered in the process of baas commercialization, and provide high-performance, high reliability, high security and easier to use infrastructure platform for the application of blockchain in various fields.
In October 2018, Huawei cloud officially commercialized the enterprise level blockchain open platform blockchain service (BCS), which is a cloud service product based on the blockchain technology and Huawei’s core technology fields such as distributed parallel computing, data management, security encryption, container and so on, which has been accumulated for many years, to help industries and enterprises build quickly and efficiently on Huawei cloud Enterprise level blockchain industry scheme and application.
At the end of 2018, Huawei cloud won the “top ten blockchain innovation and application enterprises” in the “first China logistics and supply chain industry blockchain innovation and application annual meeting”. At present, many enterprises have built their own blockchain logistics system based on Huawei cloud blockchain technology. Not only that, Huawei cloud blockchain has completed commercial implementation in supply chain finance, digital copyright, medical data sharing and other scenarios.
Nowadays, all walks of life are actively exploring blockchain technology, and Huawei cloud has gradually strengthened its influence with its hard core technology and service ability. Huawei cloud focuses on the research of technology and application scenarios, focuses on being an enabler of blockchain applications, and is committed to helping enterprises solve the credibility problems in the process of data flow through blockchain technology, so as to build a credible society together with enterprises.
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