Huawei analysis service | simple three steps to play with accurate operation


1、 What is precision operation?

There are 1000 Hamlets in the hearts of 1000 readers, and different users have different needs for products. Therefore, in the process of product use, users’ content preferences, behavior paths, marketing sensitivity and so on are different. In the process of today’s Internet operation, the concepts of thousands of people and thousands of faces and user clustering are becoming more and more popular. It is not difficult to find that when using various apps, they can always accurately recommend content, goods or send coupons to users to promote the achievement of orders. This is the result of accurate operation.

Precise operation is to summarize and form a representative audience and target group through the use of the application, so as to take targeted operation measures or data analysis for this group.

So, how can we achieve accurate operation? Let’s look at it from the following three steps.

2、 How does Huawei analysis service help accurate operation?

1. Flexibly delineate user groups and realize precision marketing

Precision marketing can be said to push the right goods to the right people. Take a simple example: during the e-commerce promotion, an e-commerce app operator has a coupon fund of 100000 yuan and wants to distribute it to users. How can this coupon be distributed to achieve the best effect? Delineation of key audience groups is the key.

According to the RFM model to measure customer value, the user group can be delineated from three aspects: user consumption level, consumption frequency and recent consumption.

Through the powerful audience tag function of Huawei analysis service, high-value users can be flexibly selected. For example, users with “payment times in recent 30 days” as “high” and “cumulative payment amount” greater than “100” can be saved as the audience. Combined with the intelligent operation platform, sending push messages or short messages to these users can promote the conclusion of transactions.

2. Insight into application usage, guide product development and optimize user experience

What is the actual use of the application? What is the favorite function page of high-value users? What are the common time periods for placing orders? These problems can be solved through Huawei analysis services.

For example: create a user group whose “payment amount level in recent 30 days” is “high” on the audience page. First, on the details page of the page analysis report, filter high-value users through the “filter”, and you can observe the page access trend of the product, so as to judge which functions / pages are more popular with users. Secondly, by using session path analysis, we can understand the actual use of the application, and can also combine the funnel model for downhole analysis. In addition, filters can be used for further data analysis for event analysis and startup analysis.

3. Analyze the causes of lost users and improve the recall rate of APP lost users

Through Huawei analysis service, we can accurately circle the lost users, combined with audience analysis, deeply understand the reasons for the loss of application users, and guide these users in advance to reduce the loss rate of users or improve the recall rate of users through different touch means.

For example: in the audience function, select the user who “has been used once on average in recent 30 days” and save it as the user who is about to lose. It can be seen from the audience analysis that app low-value users are mainly concentrated in the third and fourth tier cities, so we can increase the stickiness of people in this region and reduce the loss rate of users by issuing free welfare activities.

Huawei analysis service has launched user labels in the dimensions of user behavior, consumption attributes and equipment attributes, and the label content is constantly expanding. At the same time, combined with the rich event attributes of Huawei analysis service, it will jointly help refine the selection of a variety of people and improve the refined operation needs in different scenarios.

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