Huawei account “No. 1 play” experience helps the growth of game users


On August 1, Huawei HMS core Sparkle game application innovation salon was successfully held in Shanghai. At the scene, the guests introduced the functions and integration value of Huawei account kit, which attracted the interest of many developers.

As one of the basic development service capabilities of HMS core, Huawei account service supports users to log in to applications quickly and safely using Huawei account on mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, car machines and other platforms. For developers in the game field, Huawei account service can not only do a good job in the entry of the game and improve the user experience, but also share the huge user value of Huawei, so as to help developers quickly promote the game and increase revenue around the world.

Explore a better smart play experience – “No. 1 fun”

Huawei account service provides users with simple, safe and fast one click authorization login function. For Huawei end users, players only need to log in to the Huawei account on the mobile phone once, and then they can quickly log in with one click authorization in different games. There is no need to carry out cumbersome registration, login, verification and other processes, and enjoy convenience in the “smart play experience”.

At the same time, due to the national anti addiction requirements, real name verification is required to enter the game. When users use Huawei account to enter the game, as long as they have verified their real name on Huawei account, they do not need to verify again, so as to save waiting time and improve the user experience.

In the whole scenario of Huawei 1 + 8 + N, Huawei account also provides convenience and supports cross device code scanning login. Whether players play games on mobile phones or tablets, they can scan the code to log in, enjoy a fast and safe login experience, and start the game immediately.

Sharing huge user value of Huawei – “easy transformation”

As of July 2021, Huawei account has 390 million monthly live users worldwide, serving 190 + countries and regions around the world and supporting 70 + languages, providing a solid user base for the promotion of games around the world.

The quick experience of one click authorization login and one click play of Huawei account reduces the loss of users in the process of registration and login, makes it easier for Huawei users to turn into game users, and helps developers improve the registration conversion rate of applications.

In addition, Huawei intermodal service based on Huawei account also provides developers with global distribution capability, convenient development services, high-quality operation resources and various marketing activities, which promotes the continuous growth of application users and revenue.

For example, “wild racing 9: racing legend” is a racing hand tour launched by Gameloft. After the integration of account kit and other services into the Huawei application market, the number of downloads has increased significantly, with a total of 55 million + downloads worldwide, 7 million + users logging in with Huawei accounts, and 200000 + interactions in Huawei game forums (as of April 2021).

Low cost access and maintenance – “save worry and effort”

For the application in the initial stage, an app develops an independent account system. In the R & D stage, it needs R & D investment in business architecture, technical architecture, security, risk control and privacy. After the function is online, it needs to invest server resources and SMS verification code fees. In the operation stage, it needs to invest a lot of manual customer service costs to be responsible for user account retrieval or complaints, which increases the development cost of many start-ups.

Huawei account service provides developers with perfect account capability. Developers can choose to directly integrate Huawei account service to save some costs. Through the official website of Huawei developer alliance, developers can view the latest access guidance documents in the Huawei account service page, access in a scenario based manner, fit in with various use scenarios of developers, and access in as fast as 30min, so as to help developers improve development efficiency and reduce development costs.

HMS core Huawei account service is committed to improving user experience and registration transformation, and promoting the continuous growth of game users. At present, more than 20000 applications have chosen to access Huawei account services. In the future, Huawei account will also provide more diverse functions based on the needs of developers to create new experience with developers.

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