Htop command



Apt get package management

sudo apt-get install htop



Htop command

Basic description

The above shows some basic information, CPU (16 logical cores) memory and swap usage, number of tasks, load (1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes) and system running time

The processes running in the system are shown below

  • PID process ID
  • User process owner user name
  • Pri process priority
  • Ni process priority revision quantity (the user can modify this value to control the process priority)
  • Virtual memory occupied by virt process
  • RESThe value of physical memory occupied by the process
  • Shared memory occupied by SHR process
  • The running state of the s process (commonly, R indicates running, s indicates sleeping, waiting for wake-up, and Z indicates dead state)
  • %CPU utilization
  • %MEM memory usage
  • Time + the total CPU time occupied since the process started
  • Command: process startup command name
F1help information

Htop command

List some common shortcut keys

  • U select no user process
  • K kill process use
F2 some interface settings (generally use the default)
F3 search (/ shortcut)
F4 process filter

The filter only displays the process of search results, and search is the process of highlighting search results

F5 display tree structure (shortcut key t)
F6 sort common
F7 raise priority nice
F8 lower priority nice
F9 kill the process
F10 exit

Specific operation

1: Search for processes by process name

You can search by directly entering the name of the relevant process through F3

2: Search process by process PID
htop -p 2280  

Or enter the htop monitoring interface and directly enter the process PID to locate the process

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