HTML tutorial, simple learning HTML language


1. <body background= picture file name bgcolor= color text= color link= color vlink= color alink= color ></ Body> tag attribute:
Background: set the background image of the web page. Bgcolor: set the background color of the web page. Text: set the color of the text. Link: set the color of hypertext links that have not been accessed. Default blue. Vlink: set the color of hypertext links that have been accessed. Default blue. Alink: set the color of hypertext links at the moment they are accessed. Default blue.
2. Color code table:
Black -black-\000000 blue -blue-\000ff brown -brown-\a52a2a
Cyan -cyan-\00ffff gray -gray-\808080 green-\008000
Milky white -ivory-\fffff0 orange-\ffa500 pink -pink-\ffc0cb
Red -red-\ff0000 white -white-\ffffff yellow-\ffff00
Crimson -crimson-\cd061f yellow green -greenyellow-\0b6eff
Aqua blue -dodgerblue-\0b6eff lavender-\dbdbf8
3. Comment mark: <– Comment content — >
4. Paragraph and text marks:
(1) Title Text Mark:
<hn align=left | center | right> title text </hn> note: n is the text size, the value is 1-6, and 1 is the largest.
(2) Text mark:
<font size=1-7 face= font name color= color > set text </font> note: size is the largest of 7.
(3) Set font:
<b>..</ b> : bold <i></ i> : italic <u></ u> : underlined
<tt>..</ Tt>: standard printer font <strike></ Strike>: with strikethrough
<big>..</ Big>: large font text <small></ Small>: small font text
5. Forced line break mark: text <br>
6. Forced segment change mark: <p>
7. Partition display mark: <div align=left|center|right> text or image </div>
8. Horizontal line mark: <hr align= alignment size= thickness width= length color= color noshade> note: noshade is set to plane display.
9. Special symbols: < –&lt; >-& gt; “-&quot; space -&nbsp;
10. Create Hyperlinks:
(1) Hotspot markers:
<a href= address /name= string target= window opening method > hotspot </a> note: href and name cannot be used at the same time in URL.
How to open the window:
Target= “\u blank” or target= “new”: open in a new window.
Target= “\u parent”: displayed in the direct parent frame window.
Target= “\u self”: open in the current window. (default)
Target= “\u top”: displayed in a window without a frame.
Target= “frame name”: displayed in the frame making window.
(2) Create links to other pages:
<a href= “path / filename.Html” > hotspot </a> note: back to the upper directory method:/
(3) Label link:
<a href= “\tick name” > hotspot </a>———— < a name= “tick name” ></ a>
11. Picture mark: <img src= file name alt= description width=x height=y border=n hspace=h vspace=v align= alignment >
12. Use pictures as hyperlinks: <a href= “address” > < img src= picture file name ></a>