HTML tag list and instructions


List of HTML tags

sign type Name or meaning effect remarks
Document marking
<HTML> Document declaration Let the browser know that this is an HTML file  
<HEAD> start Provide overall document information  
<TITLE> title Define the file title, which will be displayed at the top of the browser  
<BODY> subject Format and content of design documents  
Typesetting mark
<!– Notes — > Description mark Add a description to the file, but it is not displayed  
<P> Paragraph marking Leave a blank line between words, figures, tables, etc  
<BR> Newline marker Make words, figures and tables appear on the next line  
<HR> level Insert a horizontal line  
<CENTER> Center To display words, figures, tables, etc. in the middle opposition
<PRE> Default format Make the file display according to the original code arrangement  
<DIV> Positioning mark Set the position of words, figures, tables, etc  
<NOBR> nowrap Make the text not wrap because it is too long  
<WBR> Suggest a new line Default Wrap position  
Font mark
<STRONG> say sth. with emphasis Produce bold font effect  
<B> Bold mark Produce a bold effect  
<EM> Emphasis mark The font appears in italics  
<I> Italics mark The font appears in italics  
<TT> Equal width font Courier font with the same letter width  
<U> Underline Underline opposition
<H1> First level Title mark Make the font larger, the higher the number of the series, the smaller  
<H2> Secondary Title mark Make the font larger  
<H3> Three level Title mark Make the font larger  
<H4> Four level Title mark Make the font larger  
<H5> Five level Title mark Make the font larger  
<H6> Six level Title mark Make the font larger  
<FONT> Font mark Set font, size and color opposition
<BASEFONT> Base font mark Set all fonts, sizes and colors opposition
<BIG> Enlarged font Make the font a little bigger  
<SMALL> Font reduction Make the font a little smaller  
<STRIKE> Delete line Line text opposition
<CODE> program coding The font should be widened slightly, such as < TT >  
<KBD> Keyboard words Slightly widened font, single blank  
<SAMP> example The word “W” is similar to “TT”  
<VAR> variable Italics effect  
<CITE> Italics mark Italics effect  
<BLOCKQUOTE> Indent right Indent text right  
<DFN> The definition of predicate Italics effect  
<ADDRESS> Address mark Italics effect  
<SUB> Subscript Text subscript  
<SUP> superscript Superscript  
List tag
<OL> Sequence list The list items will be arranged in numerical and alphabetic order  
<UL> unordered List List items are arranged with solid dots as symbols  
<LI> List items The items in the list are marked one line at a time  
<MENU> List of options The bullet can be specified with the type parameter. opposition
<DIR> List of contents Same as < Menu > opposition
<DL> Definition list The list appears in two layers  
<DT> Define entry List item title  
<DD> Define content List item content  
Table Tags
<TABLE> Table Tags Set the parameters of the table  
<CAPTION> Table title Make a through column to fill in the table title  
<TR> Table column Set the columns of the table  
<TD> Form column Set the columns of the form  
<TH> Table header It is equivalent to < td >, but the font inside will be thicker  
Form tags
<FORM> Form tags Determine the operation mode of the form  
<TEXTAREA> Text box Provide text input field  
<INPUT> Input tag Determine input form  
<SELECT> Select tag Create pop up scroll list  
<OPTION> option Each listing option  
Graphic mark
<IMG> Graphic mark Used to insert graphics and set graphics properties  
Link tag
<A> Link tag Join the link  
<BASE> Datum mark Relative URL can be converted to absolute and specified link  
Frame marker
<FRAMESET> Frame setting Set the frame  
<FRAME> Window settings Set the window in the frame  
<IFRAME> In page frame Insert frame in web page IE
<NOFRAMES> Framework not supported Set the prompt when the browser does not support frames  
Image map
<MAP> Image map name Set image map name  
<AREA> Link area Set each link area  
<BGSOUND> Background sound Make the background play music or sound IE
<EMBED> Multi-Media Add sound, music or video  
Other marks
<MARQUEE> Walking lantern Make words move IE
<BLINK> Flashing text Make words flash NC
<ISINDEX> In page finder You can enter keywords to find the page opposition
<META> Introduction Provide information about this page to the browser  
<LINK> Relationship definition Define the relationship between the file and other URLs  
<STYLE> Style table Control page layout  
<span> Custom tag Used alone or with style sheets  


1. It indicates that the mark belongs to containment mark, that is, the end mark < / mark > is needed.

2. O indicates that the tag is empty, that is, no end tag is needed.

3. Ie indicates that the tag is only applicable to Internet Explorer.

4. NC indicates that the tag is only applicable to netscape communicator.

5. Objection means that the tag is not approved by W3C. Usually, the tag is customized by Microsoft or Netscape and has been supported by everyone, but there are other options with the same or better functions in HTML standard.

6. Discard means that the tag has been discarded by W3C and is obsolete. However, HTML has downward compatibility, so browsers still support it.

7. New means that the tag is new in HTML 4.0.

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