HTML table markup tutorial (10): cell margin attribute cellpadding


Cell margin refers to the distance between the cell content and the border.
Basic grammar

<TABLE Cellpadding=value>

Grammatical interpretation

The margins of cells are in pixels.
Example of document: 10-10.htm

Set the cell margins of the table.
01 <!– —————————— –>
02 <!– File example: 10-10.htm — >
03 <!– File Description: set the cell margin of the table — >
04 <!– —————————— –>
05 <HTML>
06 <HEAD>
07 <title> set the cell margin of the table </title>
08 </HEAD>
09 <BODY>
10 <h1> mainstream web design software </h1>
11 <TABLE BORDER=3 WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=100 Bordercolor=#336699 Background=10-8.jpg CellSpacing=10 CellPadding=25>
12 <TR>
13 <td> web image software </td><td>fireworks</td>
14 </TR>
15 <TR>
16 <td> web page making software </td><td>dreamweaver</td>
17 </TR>
18 <TR>
19 <td> web animation software </td><td>flash</td>
20 </TR>
21 </TABLE>
22 </BODY>
23 </HTML>

Document description

Row 11 defines that the cell margin of the table is 25 pixels.

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