HTML opens a new window with hyperlinks, which control window properties


1. Window size of HTML hyperlink

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The code is as follows:

<a href=”#” onclick=”‘’,”,’height=20,width=20,top=0,left=0,toolbar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no,location=no, status=no’)”>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</a>

2. If there are many quotation marks in PHP, it is difficult to clear them. You can use the following methods:

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The code is as follows:

$openNew=”onclick=”.'”‘.”‘host_graphics.php?host_id=$host_id&host_address=$host_address’,”,’height=500,width=600,top=300,left=300,toolbar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no,location=no, status=no’)”.'”‘;
Echo “< TD style =’vertical-align: middle; text align: Center; ‘) < a href = ා host  id = $host  ID & host  address = $host  address name = $host  click’ style =’text-decoration: underline; ‘title =’ click to view the host system monitoring diagram ‘$opennew > $host  name < / a > < td >”; / / click the host name to view the specific information of the selected host

Tip: onclick = “javascript: window. Open (’12. PHP ‘,’,’height = 500, width = 600, top = 300, left = 300, toolbar = no, menubar = no, scrollbars = no, resizable = no, location = no, status = no ‘)”

The file can be followed by the value of the variable, such as


In this way, you can use get to get the value in the new pop-up window.

3. Example:

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The code is as follows:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />
<a href=”#” onclick=”‘’,”,’height=500,width=600,top=300,left=300,toolbar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no,location=no, status=no’)”>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</a>

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