Html is what web page makers must learn and master


What are the benefits of learning HTML?

1: Easily modify the page structure of your website and blog.
2: It is very useful for SEO website optimization.
3: By saving the source code of other website pages and making appropriate modifications, you can copy the template you want.
4: When you have a beautiful PSD source file image, you can easily cut the image into a web page.
5: Whether it is PHP, ASP,. Net, JSP and other website programming languages, HTML should be used.
6: It is easy to detect whether the website is hit by the web Trojan horse and prevent the web Trojan horse.
7: Can advance to a higher level: div + CSS web design.
8: After reading this article, you can modify the template provided by this site.

What tools are used to learn HTML?

It is recommended that universities use Dreamweaver software to learn HTML. Dreamweaver WYSIWYG software is the best HTML editor, which can make web pages without knowing HTML.

How to learn HTML language?

1: Be sure to do more and modify other people’s web page code. (right click on the effect page and select view source file to view the code to achieve this effect.)
2: Remember some common HTML syntax. At that time, when Lu Songsong learned HTML, he only remembered some common syntax in HTML web page design,
For example:
Map: < img ALT = “picture description (conducive to picture search)” SRC = “picture address” >
Join the connection: < a href = “relevant address to be connected” > write the word you want to write</a>
< meta name = “Keywords” content = “Keywords” / >
< meta name = “description” content = “website description” / >

Recommended HTML detailed tutorial learning address:

2: HTML video tutorial show/id_ Xmzm0mzm3odq =. HTML (when you click Youku, can you guarantee to watch only tutorials and not movies?)

Conclusion: html is still an essential code for making web pages. If you can be familiar with, master and apply these codes, it will be of great benefit, ranging from website to blog forum.

In fact, I believe most people are already very familiar with HTML. Those who have learned HTML may know new things after reading it again. If you haven’t learned HTML, you should be able to quickly grasp the essentials by looking at this article.

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